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Today, I suggest you take a little tour, virtual of course, around Lyon.

Today, Lyon is the third city in France with 516,092 inhabitants (2017 census) but the second urban area with 2,326,223 inhabitants (2017 figures). Located at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône, it occupies a strategic position in north-south circulation in Europe and in full economic ascent, aims to compete with the major European cities. No wonder: it has a long and prestigious history.

Founded by the Romans in -43 on a site that the Gauls had occupied since around -600, Lugdunum develops very city until becoming capital of Gaul in -27. At the beginning of our era, it was a very important commercial crossroads which made the pride of the Roman emperors: they stayed there regularly. Logically, it will regress at the same time as the Roman Empire, from the 300s. Charlemagne will restore a little of its vitality, then in 1079, the title of “primate of Gaul” will be conferred on its archbishop, but it is during the Renaissance that it will really experience a second “golden age” until it becomes the economic capital of France: Lyon is then, thanks to the annual fairs which see merchants flocking from all over Europe, a very shopping, a first-rate financial center and also a large cultural center. François 1er even plans, it is said, to transfer the capital of his kingdom there.

Lyon’s prosperity was successively driven by the silk industry, then by the textile, then chemical industries, and more recently, by pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and the image industry. It is also the second largest student city in France.

All these eras, from the Roman era to today through the Renaissance, enriched the architectural heritage of Lyon which has, therefore, obtained the inscription by UNESCO of many sites – the districts of Old Lyon , the Fourvière hill, the Presqu’île and the Croix-Rousse slopes…

To discover Lyon from your sofa, click here and also here

These days, the Lyon Tourist Office also offers to follow the photographer Brice Genevois for a virtual visit in the streets of Lyon, its squares, its parks … Or through the emblematic places of the districts thanks to the interactive map from Blog in Lyon. Good walk ! Another proposition: connect to the webcam of the Radisson hotel located at the top of the Part Dieu Tower, nicknamed the pencil, to escape by gaining height.

To admire beautiful pictures of the city, the Lyon Tourist Office also suggests diving into this article which offers the best of Lyon on Instagram or in the archives of its ONLYLYON Instagram account!

But that’s not all ! Since 2014, Lyon has been enriched with a new museum, the Musée des Confluences. Located at 86, quai Perrache, this museum of natural history, anthropology, societies and civilizations is the heir to the Guimet Museum of Natural History in Lyon, from which it has taken over the collections it is intended to complete. Temporary exhibitions complete the permanent exhibition which tells the story of Man and the living. Starting from great universal questions, the permanent journey presents the question of the origin and the destiny of humanity, the diversity of cultures and civilizations but also the place of Man in the chain of life.

Of course, these days, the Confluence Museum is closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Until you can visit it, you can discover five stories from the collections from your sofa by clicking on the following link.

Have a good visit!ésors-d’art-et-d’architecture-à-découverte-dans-les-rues-de-lyon/nwISYioUoyFWJA

Discover Man and the Living at the Musée des Confluences

Open since December 20, 2014, the Musée des Confluences in Lyon tells the story of man and the living. Based on major universal questions, the permanent journey presents the question of the origin and destiny of humanity, the diversity of cultures and civilizations, but also the place of Man in the chain of life. 5 stories from the collections to discover via the link:ée-des-confluences

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