VIRUS: More than 25,000 confirmed infections in France | 25.03.20

PARIS (dpa-AFX) – In France there are for the first time more than 25,000 confirmed infections with the corona virus. The number of cases increased by 2933 within a day to a total of 25 233, said health director Jérôme Salomon on Wednesday in Paris. Accordingly, 1,331 deaths were recorded. Around 11,500 patients would be treated in hospitals across the country, including 2,800 in intensive care units. A third of the patients in the clinics are younger than 60 years, said Salomon.

The health director again asked the French to stay at home. The overloading of the hospitals must be prevented, said Salomon. In the anti-corona fight, France had imposed strict exit restrictions, which are monitored by the police, more than a week ago. Citizens who go to the door must be able to show a pass and indicate where they are going. /Ari / DP / fba


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