Visits to the Prado Museum website increase by 258% during quarantine

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The number of users of the Museo del Prado website has increased by 258% compared to February and has exceeded the reach of its social networks by 125%.

It offers the possibility to create and share your own tours, watch videos with conferences and exhibitions. If we want to explore your collection, there are no less than 18,391 results to entertain you. Last year he went one step further, applying Artificial Intelligence to his collections: an increased reading that allows the works and authors present in his collection to be given a historical context, thanks to sources such as Wikidata and Wikipedia.

The most visited contents on the Museum’s website during the confinement are the faceted search engine on the Collection and the educational resources for schoolchildren of all educational levels proposed in #PradoEducacion.

Spain, Italy, with an increase of 481%, Mexico, Russia and Argentina are the countries that have visited the Prado the most during the month of March through its website, which has the support of Telefónica.

Social networks
In these days of quarantine, he has launched “El Prado with you”, a program of activities through his social networks to maintain his connection with the public for as long as the museum is closed to the public.

1,581,500 views have had the Prado “Stories” on Instagram, surpassing 3,710% those of last February.

The most popular videos have been that of Alejandro Vergara, Head of Conservation of Flemish Painting and Schools of the North at the Prado Museum, published on March 13, on the works of Rubens, Veronés or Poussin, and the video on the plants that They show in Bosco’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’, with comments from botanist researcher Eduardo Barba, published on March 18, and that they accumulated a total of 481,000 and 413,000 reproductions, respectively, on Facebook and Instagram.

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Live video (from September 26, 2018) about the plants shown in Bosco’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, with comments from botanical researcher @eduardobarba_ #MuseoDelPrado #PradoContigo

A shared publication of the Museo Nacional del Prado (@museoprado) on Mar 18, 2020 at 1:58 PDT

A live from 10 to 11 hours is carried out on all social networks. Miguel Falomir, director of the gallery, and Alejandro Vergara, head of the museum’s Conservation of Flemish Painting and Schools of the North, launched this initiative. Also through the networks you can visit spaces and discover lesser-known activities such as the Technical Cabinet facilities, the decks or the machine room.

Through them, an episode of “Píntame un mito” is also published daily, a section of the RNE Esto me suena in which the Museo del Prado and Radio Nacional de España make a fascinating tour of classical mythology through a selection of forty outstanding works from his collection. .


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