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There are some that are not so simple and that not all people can solve. This time we have a viral challenge where you need patience, speed and talent. In the picture you see a large number of vessels with liquid content; however, if you are very observant you will realize that two of them are different. Can you locate it?

Before you start looking, we have to inform you of the following: 97% of participants could not claim victory in this challenge. Telling you this is not to discourage you, but to emphasize that you should not trust yourself.

If you do, you lose. The visual that we present to you here is not like the others that circulate in Facebook and other social networks. Watch out for that! Was created by who posted it on his website.

We remember that this test visual that went viral on the networks helped several users to exercise their observation skills. Those who agree to meet this goal in the shortest possible time are part of a minority of agile minds.

Image of the viral challenge 2022

Can you find the coffees different from the rest in this illustration? (Photo: Televisa News)

Visual riddle answer

Don’t feel bad if you threw in the towel on this viral challenge. As it is a game, you can win as well as lose. It is normal. If you want to know where the different cafes are located, look at the image below.

Here are the coffees different from the rest.  (Photo: Televisa News)
Here are the coffees different from the rest. (Photo: Televisa News)

What is a viral challenge?

A viral challenge is a perfect entertainment alternative for users who have free time and want to make the most of it. It consists of finding a person, animal, object or number in an image. Some have a time limit and some do not. They are also known as challenges, visual tests, visual or logic puzzles.

What is the origin of viral challenges?

Viral challenges were created in order to amuse people. They gained popularity on social networks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many users, in their eagerness to avoid contagion, stayed in their respective homes. That’s where they saw visual puzzles as entertainment alternatives. Today, these challenges are everywhere.

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