‘Vitamin D from The Sun’ is a hot newcomer. Sanam Luang Music is confident to release 4 songs in a row!

Vitamin D from The Sun‘ the band Sanam Luang Music Selected from thousands of bands participating in the stage GMM Audition Project to find new bands to enter GMM Grammy With charm and music that is unique of the band that can be told through live performances Captivating audiences since performing on stage on audition day. until the six of them Thep-Theppitak Yodying (lead vocals), P-Nattawit Ananchaithanakul (trumpet), Sang-Virapat Laisupasin (guitar), Folk-Nattaphon Pan Udomlak (guitar), Kong-Yanapharit Suriyajai (bass) and Ton Yak-Woradej New Ploy (drums) is the latest number of artists under S.Nam Luang Music affiliatedGMM Grammy the

with character of clear music Has the potential to grow and develop, making the agency Green Light to make new songs released in the form of EPs. 4 songs name Sunny- Good (Dad-D) under the concept “Journey : A journey through music.” is comparable to their new journey.

“It’s not easy for a new band to release 4 EPs in a row with a clear and addictive concept. It’s a talented band. and can be developed further for sure in the future Want to know how good this band is? Why Sanam Luang Music is confident I want you to try to listen to the whole EP continuously.” P’ Ple-Jiraporn Sumonsiri Grandmother of Ban Sanam Luang Music said.

Let’s start with the song Chaem Fa‘ A song that represents the beginning of leaving the familiar safe zone to try something new, song ‘explorer‘ A song that talks about finding meaning. of young people in the whole wide world, music ‘independent world‘ A song of discovery .. happiness, comfort and music ‘goodbye time‘ Song for memories that you can put someone in your heart to remember even though each song represents a different feeling in each chapter of the journey. But every song has a common point in the music “Surf House” that formulated the genre that is easy to understand and fits the song in this EP the most. With a mixture of sound from real instruments, which is the band’s specialty, plus electronic sound, Chuan Yok has guest arrangers from 4 leading gods in the electronic music industry. Come join the event, including Note Yaak Lab, New Nudsko, Mek Machina and Pok Stylish Nonsense under the supervision of Tul Waitoonkiat Executive Producer

“In the past, one of the strengths of our band was the balance between the guitar and the wind instrument because we had a trumpet in the band. Let’s work together to see how the trumpet sounds in a song. and try to balance the two things as much as possible while keeping the music bright When the electronic sound comes in, it fills that brightness with more color.” Vitamin D from The Sun Tell about the strengths of their music.

“EP Daed-D of Vitamin D from The Sun is ready to invite listeners to travel. To find meaning and find the answer to happiness in life through music together with the six of them. who are starting to travel and learn new things as an artist as well.”

listen EP “ Dad-D ” at >> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_CXcOHXTwh3Dzoi6czIdvmb0urNIV6N5


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