ViuTV 2022|Jiang Taoma, Ian, Edan and Johnny To shoot movie-level “Three Lives”|Hong Kong 01|Real-time Entertainment

ViuTV broadcasts the “ViuTV 2022” program tour on Saturday (16th) to introduce the blockbuster programs of the coming year. It mainly separates the two fronts of drama and variety shows. The lineup of TV dramas is even more surprising. Many ViuTV elites are dispatched to carry out the big show. Cold, including God-level director Du Qifeng’s implementation of the filming of “Three Lives”, the production scale is large enough to make the movie, the public actors include A Dee (He Qihua) @ERROR, Lin Kailing, Huo Tong and Yuan Fuhua, but it is unknown whether it is a series or a series. Collection of TV movies.

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MIRROR members continue to be the “Main of the Year”, and the sports inspirational comedy “Preseason” is a story about street basketball. It is known as “The Hong Kong version of “Men’s Danger”. It is composed of Jiang Tao, Ian (Chen Zhuoxian) and ERROR members. 193 (Guo Jiajun), Fat Boy (Liang Ye) starring.

“I.Swim” tells the story of two young swimmers embarking on a competition that is also a teacher, enemy, and friend. It is a contest between “talent” and “hard work.” (Wei Junsheng), Phoebus (Wu Qiyang), Ou Zhenhao (George), and Stanley (Qiu Shijin) starring, the “muscles put the subject” to feast the audience’s eyes!

“IT Dog” is based on a group of alternative elites in the IT industry, telling their blood and tears of struggle, starring Chen Hanna, Ling Wenlong, Lokman (Yang Lewen), Frankie (Chen Ruihui), and Yoshi (Yoshi Yu).

In addition, there is “In the Underworld” starring Guo Xianni and Liu Xinyou in the background of the Reaper Company; about a pair of parents who refuse to be monster parents, starring Gigi Leung, Zhou Jiayi, Pan Canliang, and Johnny. “940920” produced by the team of “February 29”, starring Wu Haixin, Liu Junqian, and Cai Siyun; Taiwan drama “The Third Layout Dust Confusion” produced with HBO, etc., which aroused the audience’s expectation.


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