Vivo X90 series appearance exposure new design language and 1-inch outsole domeet webmaster

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Recently, there have been frequent reports of new vivo X90 series phones. Although the official announcement has not yet been made, we can already perceive that this series of mobile phones should be in intensive preparation, and the release time may not be far away from us. . Recently, China Mobile once again noticed that a set of renderings of the vivo X90 series has flowed out. It should be noted that these renderings are not official renderings, but they can also provide a reference for us to understand the appearance design of this series of models.

Vivo’s new phone appearance exposed

We can see that there are indeed many similarities between the vivo X90 series on this rendering and the previous vivo X80 series, vivo X Note and other models. The machine is equipped with four cameras at the rear, and the four cameras are arranged in a square shape, but the lens module is also a circle. At the same time, the flash of the machine is independent of the lens module, and the Zeiss logo is in the upper left corner of the lens module.

In addition, similar to this year’s iQOO 10 series, the upper part of the back of the vivo X90 series mobile phone is a large area of ​​black glass, which forms a somewhat similar color-contrast design, which can bring a good sense of freshness. Previously, this similar design did not seem to have appeared on vivo models.

Vivo’s new phone appearance exposed

According to previous reports, the vivo X90 series will be equipped with a one-inch outsole sensor, equipped with MediaTek’s new flagship processor, built-in battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh, and the screen may also support high-frequency PWM dimming of up to 2160Hz.

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