Vizzotti’s message to those who do not want to get the Russian vaccine

The announcement of the National government about the purchase of 25 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine from Russia, generated controversy in society. The Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, addressed those who distrust the effectiveness of the product, and criticize that the purchase from Vladimir Putin was inclined more by political affinities than by the quality of the vaccine.

“It gives me more commitment to continue transmitting this. What is happening is so important that I am convinced that we are going to provide all the information about what we are doing with the technical teams and the scientific community,” he said in a radio interview.

He also said that all the coronavirus vaccines “that we are evaluating to buy are in phase III, they will not be approved until they are finished and all the information is gathered”, and stated that “they are not skipping steps for approvals.”

“Society has to realize that we all have to pull to the same side and we are talking about a public policy and not partisan,” he clarified.

“When it is said that it is mandatory, it sounds a bit aggressive, there are people who have doubts in relation to everything they hear and a feeling of uncertainty. That is why our path is information and building trust that is why the majority of the population would be vaccinated “, he said about the announcement of the obligation to place the doses. “It is mandatory because it is a social good that is above the individual. If I decide not to get vaccinated I can spread the disease,” he emphasized.

“The expectation is very high. Those of us who get vaccinated are going to indirectly protect those who don’t get vaccinated.” On a possible scenario in which there are people who do not want to apply the doses for the coronavirus, he said: “It is not the same that you do not want to get the vaccine or that 5% wait until no one wants to vaccinate,” added the official.


Currently, Argentina has advanced negotiations with three laboratories: AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Janssen, to which the offer of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine was added in recent days; Furthermore, the country is part of the global strategy called Covax for jointly purchasing the vaccine.

Asked about why bilateral agreements are also made with laboratories or governments, Vizzotti pointed out that “these bilateral actions, which are being carried out by all countries, aim to improve the opportunity to have more doses and in less time.”

In relation to the approval processes, Vizzotti indicated that “some laboratories such as AstraZeneca are delivering their results in real time, this favors the process because the regulatory bodies can add evidence and in case they consider that they already have enough, either because the vaccine works or because it doesn’t, they can make decisions. “

The official recalled that “in Argentina the highest authority is the ANMAT and has the power to make decisions without depending on any foreign body,” however, she recalled that “all the vaccines that we are evaluating to buy are in phase III” and that ” they will approve until they are finished and all the information is gathered. “

“Laboratories present the results of clinical trials to regulatory entities confidentially, they do not need to be published in a scientific journal,” he indicated.

And he emphasized that “the pandemic has accelerated all the processes but they are not skipping steps for approvals, so that each product must comply with all the technical parameters indicated by the regulatory entities.”

Among the variables that are taken into account, Vizzotti indicated: “it is not only the price of the dose, but the number of doses, the volume they occupy, the temperature they need, the logistics they will demand, that is, there are many factors” .

Yesterday it was reported that an Argentine delegation headed by Vizzotti traveled to Russia last week to find out the details of the Sputnik V vaccine: “The offer was 25 million doses,” the official confirmed, and reported that “this vaccine is being submitted to the prequalification of the WHO so we ask for the partial evaluations they have so far “.


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