Vladimir Cerrón: Prosecutor’s Office requested 2 years and 11 months in prison for ex-governor of Junín for alleged misappropriation of funds | POLITICS

Prosecutor Mary Huaman of the Second Office of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes of Corruption of Officials of Junín, requested two years and 11 months of imprisonment against the leader of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón and seven other officials when accusing them of the crime of embezzlement Of funds.

Likewise, he requested that the same time of disqualification from exercising public office and a reparation of S / 100 thousand in solidarity between the accused.

This Tuesday, the anti-corruption prosecutor supported his accusation against the former regional president of Junín and others, explaining that those involved violated the General Budget Law and made budget modifications to embezzle the money destined for the project “Reforestation of the Right Bank of the Mantaro Valley” .

The facts

According to the prosecutor, Cerrón Rojas appointed personnel of his trust in key positions in the Junín Region and with specific functions in terms of managing budget execution. Then he arranged for the affected project to be handed over to them.

Such was the case that, after appointing the defendant Ulises Panez Berau, in the management of natural resources and environmental management, the former regional president of Junín ordered him to take charge of the reforestation project.

“We are going to prove that despite the fact that the Regional Directorate of Agriculture had been executing the project since 2009; On January 4, 2012, Ulises Panez Berau requested that his management be entrusted with the execution of this project with the sole purpose of making use of the project’s budget, ”said the prosecutor.

Thus, three days after the project was transferred to his office, Panez Berau informed the co-defendant and former regional general manager Henry López Cantorín, that he had a freely available balance of S / 600 thousand from the project.

This, despite the fact that the reforestation project was in full execution and with an advance of 30%. However, the defendants disposed of the S / 600 thousand and allocated it to the Puente Comuneros work.

“We will prove that the defendant Vladimir Cerrón Rojas, in his capacity as regional president of Junín, issued regional executive resolution 63-2012 dated February 10, 2012, with which he formalized the budget modification for 600 thousand soles, violating article 7 and 41 of the budget law and materializing the crime of embezzlement, “said prosecutor Huamán.

Another two million more

The representative of the Public Ministry explained that a similar situation occurred later with another amount of S / 2 million 280 thousand 88 soles from the budget assigned to the reforestation project that ended up being allocated to nine works.

This, he said, was carried out two months after the project passed into the hands of Panez Berau, despite the existence of a technical report of March 5, 2012, which details the status of the project was a physical progress of 30% -between 2011 and 2012- and with 41% financial progress. And that, in addition, “at no point in his report does he recommend the closure of the project.”

However, the co-defendant Rocío Bonifacio Aliaga, issued a report recommending the liquidation of the affected project, “falsely consigned” that the progress of the work was 11% and that the verification in the field was 4%, when in reality it was progress was 30%

In addition, the prosecutor added, the alert made by the Public Investment Submanagement indicating that there was no documentation for the closing of the project valued at S / 29 million 680 350 soles was ignored.

Despite this, Bonifacio Aliaga issued the report indicating that the project was already in the process of closing, when this was not true.

With all this, Cerrón Rojas formalized the budget modification, canceling the S / 2,280,888 soles million for the project and ordering that they be sent to other works.

“Vladimir Cerrón issued regional executive resolution 63, 213, 274 and 306 dated February 10, 212 to August 8, 2012, with which he formalized budget modifications for a total of 2 million 280 thousand 88 soles for nine works , affecting in a definitive and different way the budget of the project that is the subject of the accusation ”, affirmed the prosecutor.

Other defendants include Julio Alberto Matos Gilvonio, Estela Encarnación Baldeón Hormaza, Ofelia Rios Pacheco, and William Javier Acosta Laymito.

The lawyer Luis Mayhua, Cerrón’s defense, alleges the accusation against the leader of Peru Libre already prescribed on January 3, 2021, since the case is from 2012 and that with the formalization (January 2, 2017) begins from that date and it already expired.

According to Cerrón’s lawyer, the liquidation of the project was ordered because the money was being spent and not investing.

He says his sponsor’s decision should be “applauded” because they didn’t spend the money; rather it was redirected for state purposes.

For this reason, the lawyer requested that at the end of the oral trial that began this Tuesday, Cerrón Rojas be acquitted because there is no evidence or typicity to configure the accusation for an embezzlement of funds.

The legal defenses of the rest of the defendants indicated that the goals of the Reforesta project were met and the money could not be saved and they issued a budget modification to make use of the money.

The hearing was suspended until next September 10 at 9:30 in the morning and in which it will be decided whether or not to accept the prescription request raised by the defense of the founder of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón.

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The support is in charge of the provincial deputy prosecutor María Angélica Huamán Gazaniga, whose office has requested a disqualification for the same time as the main penalty and the payment of a civil compensation of S / 100 thousand that must be paid in solidarity by the accused .

According to the accusation of the Second Office of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes of Corruption of Officials of Junín, in charge of the prosecutor Bonnie Bautista, the officials of the Regional Government of Junín, had irregularly executed a total of S / 2 ′ 880, 088 of the budget allocated to the works of ‘Reforestation of the Right Bank of the Mantaro Valley’ for the execution of another nine projects.

This event occurred with the endorsement of the aforementioned officials and despite the fact that these resources were not freely available, which caused the main project to not be completed.

Among the defendants are the former managers of the aforementioned regional entity: Henry López Cantorin, Ulises Panez, Rocío Cristina Bonifacio Aliaga, Julio Alberto Matos Gilvonio, Estela Encarnación Baldeón Hormaza, Ofelia Rios Pacheco, and William Javier Acosta Laymito.

Cerrón Rojas is also being investigated by the fourth office of the supraprovincial prosecutor’s office specialized in crimes of corruption of officials, in charge of the prosecutor Vanessa Diaz Ramos, for alleged trafficking of brevetes in the Regional Directorate of Transport of the regional government of Junín, said the Public ministry.


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