Vladimir Putin announces Russian constitutional referendum for July 1

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This reform would give him the right to carry out two additional mandates after the end of the current one in 2024.

Never better served than by yourself. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that a referendum to adopt the constitutional reform will take place on July 1, which will notably give him the right to serve two additional terms from 2024.

“We will organize the Russian national vote on the adoption of the revisions of the Constitution on July 1, 2020,” he said, regarding the poll originally scheduled for April but postponed because of the epidemic of new coronavirus.

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He announced this date at the end of a videoconference meeting, widely broadcast on television, with political, electoral and health officials, the president explaining that he wanted to ensure that nothing prevented the holding of the vote. , whether it be the epidemiological situation, logistical and legal questions, but also the holding of a Russian baccalaureate.

Regarding the epidemic of the new coronavirus, its spread has stabilized for a fortnight, even if the number of new infections detected – between 8000 and 9000 daily – remains at high levels.

Russian President says “improvement in the situation with the coronavirus” and the fact that “there is still a whole month to take necessary measures to further improve things” fully justifies the vote on the 1st July.

Until 2036?

Putin had already pointed out that the epidemic peak had passed, according to him, and ordered the holding on June 24 of the great military parade originally scheduled for May 9, to mark the 75 years of the Nazi defeat. This parade is generally also an opportunity to remember Russia’s return to the international scene.

Vladimir Putin launched a constitutional reform in January which, thanks to an amendment added to general surprise at the last minute in March, will notably give him the right to serve two additional terms after the end of the current one in 2024.

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In theory, Vladimir Putin, 67 years old and in power since 2000, could remain in the Kremlin until 2036. Despite a decline in his popularity in recent years, the Russian head of state remains very popular. The reform having already been validated by the two chambers of the Parliament, no vote of the Russians is in itself necessary, but the president decided to validate the revision also in the ballot boxes, promising not to implement it if they voted no. An unlikely scenario.

The constitutional revision also concerns the political system, notably strengthening certain presidential prerogatives. It also gives socio-economic rights such as a guaranteed minimum wage and indexation of pensions.

Finally, it also confirms its conservative vision of Russia with the mention of “faith in God”, as well as the principle of a possible marriage only between a man and a woman.


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