Vlasáková in tears, Dolanský in shock! Rough ortel clerk

“We were a week in the cottage, alone without children. We started talking about it at one dinner, we agreed to do it. It was about Thursday. On Monday, I started asking Honza if we would go to the office to arrange it, and Jenda asked me: Why? Which made me cry, “said the newly baked Mrs. Dolanská in the program 7 Falls of Honza Dědek.

“I figured it out, so I told her to get in the car and that we were going,” Jan said. Dolanský and added a few details about the lightning party, including a shocking comment from one of the officials: “We planned it on Friday, the mayor was surprised, he said he didn’t have a registrar there. There was a crowd in a lady who ended up there, retired and told us that this was the worst thing that could have happened to her. “

7 falls of Honza Dědek: Vlasáková and Dolanský on marriage and household…

Although the actress finally got the coveted marriage, she has not yet got used to the new surname. “I’m Dolanska Vlasáková. Now I was called to the doctor as Dolanská and I was sitting and waiting for me to realize that it was up to me, “Lenka added with a wide smile.

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