Voice Chat Now Available for Valorant Players from Russia | Valorant

Users of the shooter Valorant from Russia can now use voice chat inside the game. This information was confirmed on Twitter by the title’s game producer Sarah Dadafshar.

Voice chat in Valorant has been unavailable for users in Russia since the release of the shooter in June 2020. Representatives of Riot Games explained this by the intricacies of the legislation in the Russian Federation, which required keeping records of all in-game communications on the shooter’s servers. How the company’s representatives managed to resolve this issue is currently unknown. Riot Games representatives also did not make an official statement.

Valorant was released on June 2, 2020 on PC. On the first anniversary of the shooter Riot Games reported about an audience of 14 million players, and also announced the beginning of the development of a mobile version of the title.

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