The nation will be with its good people and with its bad people it will be underestimated!!
Nations with their choices, so how can they be appointed? This is a fixed behavioral equation that does not accept argument, and one of the axioms of glorious civilized communication.
And because of the pressure of rotation, the good and the bad will exchange roles, neither the good nor the bad will last, and each of them has a known time.
Some nations are followed by the bad guys more than the good ones, and the opposite happens for others.
“…and those days we rotate among the people.”
What is standing is not permanent, and moving forward does not mean reaching the goal, as the steps give birth to what pushes them in the opposite direction, and the more they move in the path, the more capabilities they will be drawn back.
Movement, whatever its kind or direction, gives birth to what opposes it, and for this reason it is not possible to eliminate the bad and the good, because they are in a mutual reproductive process that contributes to nurturing them together, to maintain the balance necessary for survival.
Whoever is underestimated will be trampled by what will happen, and there is nothing new in the matter, just as there is night and day, there is good and evil, and the entire universe is governed by dual opposites.
And “Those are the scales, and the Most Merciful has sent them down … the Lord of the wilderness among the people as a measure.”
Thus, he found, “the rulers are without hearing or sight … nor an eloquent tongue that pleases people.”
So did the horizons of the heavens get our glory…
Is it possible for us to wake up from its horizons and clouds?!!
“And there is no good in a person’s life…if he is not counted as one who has lost his belongings.”
It is a game of “serpent and staircase” in which we move in its fields, and we do not know whether we will go up or we will be attacked!!
And let’s strive for it!!!
Dr. Sadiq Al-Samarrai

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