Volleyball: promoted to the elite, will the Plessis-Robinson be deprived of his dream by the League?

Promoted for the first time in its history to Ligue A, Le Plessis-Robinson has already made good progress in his recruitment. The former international Antonin Rouzier is particularly committed. The Hauts-de-Seine club has also worked hard over the past month to comply with the financial and administrative requirements of League A. The budget (€ 530,000 this season in League B) will notably be doubled. But the League has dampened the enthusiasm of an entire club in recent days. In a letter of May 31 addressed to the president of the club, Joëlle Logeais, mother of coach Cédric, the LNV reiterated its requirements, based on “the meetings of April 15 and May 28, 2021 which approved a number of ‘regulatory changes concerning the accession of clubs to Ligue A ”.

They relate in particular to the room: “1,500 seats, two-tone” taraflex “type floor with a single layout, minimum lighting of 1000 lux measured in the center of the site at one meter from the floor”. But also the finances – “budget of 1 M € which should make it possible to constitute at the end of the 2021-2022 season equity equivalent to 10% of the budget presented” – and the administrative organization – “general manager employed full time , a second full-time employee in charge of administration and marketing, sales and communication functions must also be covered, either by an employment contract or by a service provision ”.

The room not approved

The Plessis-Robinson financial file is currently being analyzed by the DNACG. But what might be a problem is the room. The Espace Omnisports (600 seats) is not approved The managers of Plessis-Robinson are planning arrangements to double its capacity. But we will not achieve the 1,500 places required. And if the elected officials plan to build a new room, it is in the medium term. “A new room cannot be built in a few months”, explains a person close to the file. At the club, we especially regret that the specifications are also heavy for an acceding club while it is more flexible for clubs already in League A which can benefit from exemptions. Chaumont, now cador of the championship, has long benefited from a dispensation for his hall.

But the president of the League Yves Bouget does not seem to want to give gifts to Plessis-Robinson. “Le Plessis, as it was in League B, cannot exist in League A. There are regulations: a club cannot play in LA if it does not have a minimum budget, if it does not it doesn’t have a hall with 1,500 seats, if it doesn’t have a two-tone floor with a single pattern. I’m not prejudging anything. The League will see if the file meets expectations. Le Plessis knows our rules. We will see if it is in compliance. This is not a concern for us. There are a lot of clubs that want to play in LAM and we could possibly compensate, if there was a deficiency on the Plessis-Robinson side. “

Words that made the Hauts-de-Seine club jump. If no one wanted to speak officially on Tuesday, the leaders are preparing their response.

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