Volvo Cars shines in safety

Initiated by Volvo and organized by the Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, this campaign positions the car brand more than ever as a pioneer in the field of car safety. Visible on social networks and on the Volvo Car website, this black and white digital campaign is presented in the form of several testimonials from people involved in car accidents and who were saved thanks to the seatbelt.

It must be said that when it comes to automobile safety, Volvo has always been able to pioneer. The automobile brand is also at the origin of the most important inventions and innovations in the history of automobile safety.

Past, present and future innovations
Since 1927 Volvo Cars has consistently focused on safety, making it one of the core values ​​of the company. In 1959, for example, the Swedish brand pioneered the three-point seat belt which was released in series production on the PV544 model. Thanks to this system, a million lives have been saved, a situation that then prompted Volvo Cars to give up its patent so that the seat belt could benefit everyone. Since 1959, the brand has never stopped developing innovations, each more ingenious than the next, such as side airbags and inflatable curtains. In the 1970s, it was behind the creation of the first rearward facing child seat.

“With all of these innovations and those to come, Volvo Cars aspires to save a million more lives. At Volvo Cars Maroc, we are more than ever faithful to this objective since the principle that guides us in everything we do is, and must remain, safety ”, declared Mr. Abdelouahad El Kadiri, President of Scandinavian Auto Maroc.

The safety technologies developed by Volvo are today the most advanced in the automotive industry. Volvo for example introduced in 2020 new innovations such as the speed limit to 180 km / h on all of its vehicles. Motivating drivers to reduce their speed is only part of Volvo’s commitment to take active responsibility in the fight to achieve the goal of zero fatalities.

Volvo has also implemented on-board cameras on its vehicles which allow cars to intervene automatically in the event of impaired driving or distracted driving. Volvo has also recently introduced the “Care Key” system which aims to combat speeding.

With such a system, Volvo car owners can program a speed limit to the car when they loan it to a young family member or a less experienced driver. In addition, and thanks to LiDAR sensors, the next generation of Volvo cars will be all set for autonomous driving. Volvo will continue to roll out OTA software updates to provide fully autonomous highway driving.


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