Von der Leyen and Michel speak to Biden for the first time

Ursula Von der Leyen y Charles Michel

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the President of the Council, Charles Michel, have maintained their first contact with the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, who have been congratulated on his electoral victory.

After having a phone call with Biden, the head of the European Executive has assured that his arrival at the White House will mean a “new beginning” in the transatlantic alliance.

A strong EU and a strong America working together can shape a global agenda based on cooperation, multilateralism, solidarity and shared values ​​”, said the German conservative in a message on Twitter.

In another separate contact, the President of the Council, Charles Michel, has raised the need to rebuild a “strong” transatlantic alliance and thanked the president-elect for the commitment to support cooperation with Europe, noting that the EU and the United States will always have more impact if they take steps together.

Time to join forces. In a changing world it will be more important than ever to protect our citizens, relaunch economies, to stop global warming and create a safer world “, said Michel, who in his call, which lasted about 20 minutes, proposed to Biden to participate in a special meeting with EU leaders next year in Brussels to discuss shared priorities.

The EU is ready to tackle together with the United States the most pressing challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, economic recovery, climate change, security and multilateralism, said the President of the Council in a statement.

Its about Brussels’s first contact with Biden, after community diplomacy has kept a low profile in recent weeks in an attempt to be careful about the US domestic process.

Last week, the EU foreign ministers discussed the future of the relationship with Washington for the first time after analyzing the result of the US presidential elections. The appointment served to share opinions between partnersAlthough the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, assured that the objective is to define a common vision for the next meeting in December, as well as for the next US Secretary of State to visit Brussels soon.

The internal division of the country and the management of the coronavirus pandemic will be the first challenges that Biden will have to face, something that Brussels also identifies as priorities for the smooth running of transatlantic relations.


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