voting Le Pen “is useless”, assures Zemmour

Marine Le Pen can not win the presidential election, therefore voting for the RN candidate “is useless”, said Sunday polemicist Eric Zemmour, potential competitor of Ms. Le Pen on the far right.

“Marine Le Pen has locked her voters, who are for the most part voters of the popular classes – workers, unemployed, employees – in a political ghetto (…) therefore the vote for Marine Le Pen is useless since she cannot win the presidential election, since it does not have an alliance with a part of the bourgeoisie, “said the former journalist to the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro.

Marine Le Pen had estimated Friday in Brussels that Eric Zemmour had “no chance of reaching the second round” while a new poll placed them neck and neck for the accession to the second round of the presidential election. April 2022. She had questioned a “choice of provocation, the choice he makes is to put aside, even if it means despising it, a large category of French”.

“It’s me who brings together”, replied Sunday Eric Zemmour: “You have 67% of the French who fear the great replacement (conspiracy theory of a replacement of the European population by an immigrant population, Editor’s note), I am the only one to use that word. Madame Le Pen gives a disgusted pout when she hears this word “.

Will he be a candidate or not? “My decision is made in my head and I will choose my moment,” replied the author of essays advocating an identity policy, specifying that “there is no deadline”.

“People who want my candidacy have been working there for months,” he added, referring to the issue of sponsorships and donations necessary for an electoral campaign.

Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour both collect around 16% of voting intentions, competing for second place behind Emmanuel Macron in an Ipsos poll published on Friday.

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