News Vox questions the Government about whether it has investigated...

Vox questions the Government about whether it has investigated the incident at the Mexican embassy in Bolivia


The president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, the spokesman for the Ibero-American Commission, Víctor González Coello of Portugal, and the deputy Patricia Rueda, have registered a battery of questions to the Government to explain the controversial incident happened before the Mexican embassy in Bolivia and the deterioration of relations between the Government of Spain and the Bolivian.

This parliamentary group recalls that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Karen Longaric, has recently assured that «diplomatic relations between Bolivia and Spain are practically paralyzed. They are paralyzed because there has been no more dialogue. The Spanish Government has not accredited new officials ».

In addition, the Bolivian minister has indicated that Margarita Robles had arranged for a commission to come to Bolivia to investigate within the Embassy of Spain what had happened. However, so far this investigation has not been carried out ».

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In view of the statements of the Bolivian minister, the Parliamentary Group Vox has registered several questions to the Government before the Bureau of the Congress of Deputies in order to clarify what happened.

Thus, they want to know “when the Spanish Government considers that new officials will be accredited” and if it is true that no one has yet been sent to investigate what happened on December 27 at the Mexican embassy in La Paz. ” In the event that no one has been sent, they ask about »what were the reasons why Mrs. Robles broke her word«.

They also ask that if someone has been sent “what is the reason why the Bolivian foreign minister has not been informed about it”, if “the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation of the Government of Spain will ratify the order that gave its predecessor “and” if the Government of Spain will undertake the promised investigation “. .


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