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Voxan Wattman smashes electric motorcycle speed record with 455.737 km / h


Voxan Motors puts the watts back on with its Wattman, a 100% electric motorcycle. Ridden by Max Biaggi, the ex-Moto GP rider, the “beast” reached 455 km / h on the track at the Kennedy Space Center. 21 speed records were broken for the occasion.

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Reserved for the landing of space shuttles until the end of the program in 2011, the track of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida saw the landing of another monster of power, the Voxan Wattman, a 100% electric motorcycle.

Constantly evolving since the first concept designed in 2013 by Sacha Lakic, the Voxan Wattman had made the powder speak from 2020. On the track at Châteauroux airport (Indre), driven by former Moto GP Max Biaggi, it had won no less than 11 world records out of 12 planned, including the prestigious standing start (kilometer) in the “semi-faired electric motorcycle over 300 kg” category.

With 366.94 km / h, the Voxan Wattman and Max Biaggi had above all smashed the previous record of 329 km / h set by the Japanese Ryuji Tsuruta, also on an electric motorcycle (Mobitec EV-02A).

Since then, the Venturi team, Monegasque owner of the former French motorcycle brand Voxan Motors, has not turned its thumbs. She revised her copy by redesigning three Voxan Wattman: a fully streamlined version, a second devoid of “Of its covering at the level of its rear part”, and a third without any protection and leaving “Catch a glimpse of the tubing of its chassis without its protective elements”.

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As for the engine, the Voxan Wattman has kept the electric motor signed Mercedes EQ from Formula E. Its power has been increased to 320 kW (435 hp) for a rear wheel torque of 1360 Nm against 270 kW (367 hp). , 530 Nm) during the previous record.

The lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 5 kWh (compared to 15 kWh previously) and supplied by Saft (a subsidiary of Total Energies), has gone from 144 kg to 96 kg. “We needed batteries which, of course, discharge quickly to deliver all the power, but which also recharge very quickly”, explains one of the project managers, Louis-Marie Blondel.

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Finally, the tires developed by Michelin. On the previous record, the tires (120 / 70-17 at the front and 190 / 55-17 at the rear) “Hyper efficient” were standard (Michelin Pilot RS +). For this new record attempt, the Clermont-Ferrand manufacturer has developed examples from the Moto GP. Thus, the rear tire is able to take all the power without slipping thanks in particular to a traction control acting up to 300 km / h.

Cabin crew at the gates, arming the slides: it will blow your mind

Thus modified, the Voxan Wattman set off on the track with the talented Max Biaggi still on its handlebars. On the menu, a series of record attempts in two distinct categories: less than 300 kg and more than 300 kg. For each of the two, the bike was either semi-faired or completely stripped.

news/17/172223/682939a9-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w380.webp" type="image/webp">news/17/172223/682939a9-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w380.jpeg">news/17/172223/682939a9-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w700.webp" type="image/webp">news/17/172223/682939a9-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w700.jpeg">news/17/172223/682939a9-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w800.webp" type="image/webp" data-img-src-default="">news/17/172223/682939a9-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w800.jpeg" data-img-src-default="">@ Venturi

Result, 21 world records obtained, of which the most coveted is that of the starting kilometer launched in the category “semi-faired electric motorcycle of more than 300 kg”. The principle consists of covering 1 km on the outward journey and another on the return, in a space-time of less than 2 hours, all in accordance with the rules of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM). The average of the two speeds is then used. Verdict, a speed of 455.737 km / h. In instantaneous speed, the Voxan’s GPS even recorded a speed of 470.257 km / h.

news/17/172223/f93c790d-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w380.webp" type="image/webp">news/17/172223/f93c790d-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w380.jpeg">news/17/172223/f93c790d-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w700.webp" type="image/webp">news/17/172223/f93c790d-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w700.jpeg">news/17/172223/f93c790d-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w800.webp" type="image/webp" data-img-src-default="">news/17/172223/f93c790d-voxan-wattman-pulverise-le-record-de-vitesse-en-moto-electrique-avec-455-737-km-h__w800.jpeg" data-img-src-default="">@ Venturi

But the craziest thing is still the start kilometer record launched with a non-faired motorcycle in the under 300 kg category. Although he is 1.68 m tall, Max Biaggi had to hang on to the handlebars and squeeze his knees to cope with 369.626 km / h.

In addition to these two records, Max Biaggi kept his leather to investigate others, that is to say 21 in six days:

Category less than 300 kg

  • 1 mile, rolling start, semi-faired: 454 km / h (282 mph)
  • 1 mile, rolling start, unfaired: 368 km / h (228 mph)
  • ¼ mile, rolling start, semi-faired: 293 km / h (182 mph)
  • ¼ mile, rolling start, unfaired: 285 km / h (177 mph)
  • 1 mile, standing start, semi-streamlined: 273 km / h (169 mph)
  • 1 mile, standing start, unfaired: 260 km / h (161 mph)
  • 1 km, standing start, semi-streamlined: 223 km / h (138 mph)
  • 1 km, standing start, unfaired: 219 km / h (136 mph)
  • ¼ mile, standing start, unfaired: 156 km / h (96 mph)
  • ¼ mile, standing start, semi-faired 149 km / h (92 mph)

Category over 300 kg

  • 1 km, rolling start, semi-faired: 408 km / h (253 mph)
  • 1 mile, rolling start, semi-faired: 404 km / h (251 mph)
  • 1 mile, rolling start, unfaired: 367 km / h (228 mph)
  • 1 km, rolling start, unfaired: 364 km / h (226 mph)
  • 1 mile, standing start, semi-streamlined: 255 km / h (158 mph)
  • 1 km, standing start, semi-streamlined: 216 km / h (134 mph)
  • 1 mile, standing start, unfaired: 216 km / h (134 mph)
  • ¼ mile, standing start, unfaired: 153 km / h (95 mph)
  • ¼ mile, standing start, semi-faired: 142 km / h (88 mph)

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