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VR fitness game, popular among exercise beginners… Can a gym be replaced?

by archyde

Most manufacturers offer fitness apps as default apps for smartwatches and smartphones. Even online-based fitness games that help exercise by stimulating interest are easily accessible. And with the development of technology, it has become an era where people can experience sports through VR.

Accordingly, the overseas online media Live Science reported that the popularity of VR fitness games has risen sharply in recent years. VR fitness games help you exercise naturally with simple controls, just like playing a virtual game while moving around the metaverse world while wearing a VR headset.

Since VR fitness games can be exercised at home for free even if they do not have to go out, their preference is increasing among exercise beginners who are reluctant to go to the gym due to their lack of motor nerves much more than others.

Among the major VR fitness games, the Czech game developer Beat Games released in 2019, the VR exercise game ‘Beat Saber’, which adds music to the immersive feeling of the virtual world, can be mentioned. Wearing a headset and holding motion controllers in both hands, it began to attract attention when it introduced a new exercise method of moving and moving as a virtual character.

Another VR rhythm game, Pistol Whip, combines the immersion, rhythm, and shooting game elements of a virtual world. It shoots the enemy with a gun, and induces the body to move naturally while moving to avoid the bullets the enemy is shooting.

Some games, such as Ring Fit Adventure and Wii Sports, focus on visualization elements and induce exercise with an addictive gamification system.

All VR fitness games encourage users to work out differently from workout programs at the gym, which repeat bench and squad sets.

So, can VR fitness games replace the gym?

Accordingly, Live Science believed that the possibility of replacing the gym in VR fitness games would vary greatly depending on the exercise goal. He then noted that VR fitness will take at least several years to replace the gym. He added that the gym is the only way to provide professionally effective high-intensity training.

However, the media said that if you want to enjoy long-term exercise, increase your heart rate, and have a positive chemical reaction in the brain, it will be difficult to find an exercise tool as good as VR fitness games. Because of the excitement that VR provides.

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