VTuber Kizunai 2022 concert officially ended CeVIO AI “KIZUNA” and animation project officially launched

VTuber Kizuna AI (Kizuna AI; キズナアイ), the 5th anniversary of her debut, announced at the concert event “Kizuna AI The Last Live “hello, world 2022” today (26) that she will launch “KIZUNA” based on CeVIO AI And news about animation plans.

Kizuna Ai is a VTuber who debuted in the early days. As one of the pioneers of VTuber, her channel followers have exceeded 3 million, and she was also invited by Manbo to participate in activities in 2018. Kizuna Ai announced in the live broadcast a few days ago that she will suspend her activities indefinitely after this anniversary concert. With this opportunity to rest, she will rethink the future direction.

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As the last large-scale event before the break, it is also her 5th anniversary commemorative concert. This time, a lot of sponsors and such as Hikakin, えなこ, and many VTubers from various fields at home and abroad participated in the event and recorded the opening remarks . At the same time, in conjunction with the fund-raising activities held in this concert, as of the press time, it has also reached 48.95 million yen, far higher than the original target of 1633%.

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After the official opening of the concert, Kizuna Ai used the many songs she sang in the past to drive the atmosphere of the scene, and on the stage, you can also see many VTubers who participated in this project incarnate in the audience to support. As the event drew to a close, the official also announced two major plans.

One is to cooperate with the project “CeVIO AI” jointly developed and implemented by テクノスピーチ, ブイシンク, Frontier Works, and other companies, with the voice of Kizuna, to develop a special AI “KIZUNA (キズナ) that specializes in singing. )”, I hope that with the singing of AI, Kizuna can still hear the familiar singing through AI technology during the upgrade.

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    There was also a preliminary demonstration of KIZUNA’s development results in the concert.

The second is that Kizuna Ai will launch an animation plan in the future. Although the content of the animation plan is not yet clear, Kizuna Ai also asks everyone to look forward to the results that will be launched at that time.

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At the end of the concert, through the MC time before Encore, Kizuna Ai talked about the experience of debuting in the past five years, thanked the people who have always supported them, and also talked about the experience of this concert. Finally, through the music of Again and Hello, Morning with the piano variation version, the audience will be led back to the starting point of Kizuna Ai, that is, the familiar white room, as if using the song to review the past, with the final encore Qu led everyone through the five-year trajectory. And after returning to the event stage, they will support their VTuber at the back of the stage and turn into wings to fly into the distance.

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