VW: Car dealer upset about Golf 8 – “The extent of defects is unfortunate”

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Wolfsburg. The problems with the new one VW Golf 8 are piling up. This affects not only Volkswagen itself, but also the car dealers with all harshness.

You therefore express harsh criticism VW – and at the same time hope for a quick solution to the dilemma.

VW: Criticism of the new Golf 8 does not stop

“This extraordinary amount of defects is unfortunate,” said the head of the German Volkswagen and Audi dealer association, Dirk Weddigen von Knapp, the “Handelsblatt” on Monday.

“We need sales,” he added. Never before have there been such concentrated problems when launching a new Golf. There were a number of technical shortcomings. Spare parts were also missing.

Trade pushes for a quick solution

After the roughly six-week Corona break, retailers are now pushing to solve the problems quickly. “We are very hopeful that the car can be delivered soon,” said von Knapp.

Volkswagen even has to prepare for a recall of the recently launched eighth edition of the Golf box office hit and has imposed a delivery stop for the new model.

VW complains of problems with the emergency assistant

The reason is problems with the electronic emergency assistant eCall. According to information from corporate groups, at least 30,000 copies of the important VW product may have to go to the workshop. Problems with the software are the cause of the failed function.

The golf production should continue for the time being – but all new cars would be put in stock for now, it was said in mid-May.


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Trouble over problem series with the Golf 8

Works council chief Bernd Osterloh had also given way to his annoyance at the never-ending problems with the new Golf 8. The employee representatives named the main reason for software and electronics malfunctions.

For Osterloh, the start of the 8th edition was already misguided. The numbers are a tragedy. Of the planned around 100,000 pieces, only around 8,400 were produced in Wolfsburg in 2019. The Golf is still considered one of the most important products of the largest German industrial group. (vh / with dpa)


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