VW News: E-cars are becoming a data platform

With a view to the long-term strategy, Wolfsburg initially said that 300,000 more electric cars of the core brand would have to be built per year in Europe alone. VW is converting several plants to electric production. It is still partly unclear where the necessary capacities for battery cells will come from. As with electronic parts based on semiconductors, there are currently considerable delivery bottlenecks.

In the second half of the year, after the compact car ID.3 and the SUV ID.4, the sedan / SUV mix ID.5 will be launched, as will the larger SUV ID.6 in the most important market, China. In the People’s Republic and the USA, the pure E share is expected to increase to more than half by 2030. Overall business in the United States, which has so far been rather sluggish, is likely to go into the black this year. Brandstätter said that the series will probably be expanded to include a cheaper small car from 2025. Most recently it was said that a possible ID.2 in Polo format could come in the expansion stage from 2023.

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