Wages Spain: The highest paying jobs in Spain in 2021

The coronavirus crisis has overturned the growth expectations of many economic sectors while others, the most competitive, have shown greater strength and have managed to better position themselves in a complex labor scenario. At the same time they are the most capable of offer higher pay. This is the case of profiles related to new technologies and innovation. This is confirmed by the ‘2021 Salary Trends Report’ produced by Randstad Research. This study analyzes the salary bands offered this year for 247 jobs in 13 sectors of the economy in six of the main Spanish capitals: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Bilbao.

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One of the main conclusions drawn from the report is that “the health crisis has accelerated digitization and, with it, has become IT talent needed more than ever». This sector, that of Information Technology and telecommunications, is relatively small in terms of employment compared to others, but the average profile of its workers is high in qualification and remuneration. It was one of the few areas that created net employment last year and offers “great opportunities” for professionals with adequate training.

According Valentine Boat, director of Randstad Research, the labor market demands profiles that are scarce and that fit into this sector, such as systems architect, which is in charge of designing and building a technological architecture. Or the Data Sciencist (data scientist) and Devops (software engineers). These workers usually earn high salaries from the start, which in some cases can reach up to 40,000 euros per year, and spend up to 70,000 euros after six years of professional careers. However, the highest paid position in this sector is that of CIO (Chief Technology Officer), who can charge up to 100,000 euros per year.

The sector of the Logistics offers lower salaries compared to other areas, but managerial positions can exceed 60,000 euros after six years. In addition, it presents three jobs with starting salaries with less than four years of experience, which can reach 35,000 euros per year or more. For example, him supply chain manager (Supply chain), whose entry salary reaches 45,000 euros and who can aspire to the 85,000 euros that, for example, are paid in Bilbao. However, the highest salary that can be aspired to in this sector is according to the report, that of Commercial Director (100.000 euros).

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The importance of ‘retail’

The sector del ‘retail’ (retail) includes the areas of Purchasing, Communication, Design, Marketing and Sales. It is one of the largest in the Spanish economy in terms of business volume and employment, and one of the most affected by the crisis. However, it offers some jobs, such as designer or ‘product manager’, who can see their salaries doubled after six years (from 25,000 to 50,000 euros). Or that of director of communication, whose salary reaches one of the highest salaries of all the positions analyzed: up to 108,000 euros.

The sector ‘Digital and e-commerce’ it is still small in relative terms (it employs about 110,000 people in Spain) but it is growing at a good rate. And it offers “great opportunities” for higher pay. A e-commerce manager You can start, in Bilbao, with a salary of 25,000-40,000 euros and double it after six years.

The ability to scale salary tables is also noteworthy in the area of legal and tax advice. Positions such as that of lawyer, ‘compliance officer’, ‘tax manager’ and director of legal advice stand out because, despite annual salaries of between 20,000 and 30,000 euros, they can reach salaries between 80,000 and 100,000 euros after more than six years of experience.

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The “high qualification” of the scientific sector

There are also interesting opportunities in the middle positions of the sector of ‘Life science’, one of the most highly qualified professional profiles in Spain, which created 84,957 contracts. In this sector there are positions related to the Medical Device (medical devices), Pharma y Biotech. In this area, the profiles linked to R&D (innovation and development), with salary ranges between 30,000 and 60,000 euros per year. The highest paid position is that of Medical Director of Pharma and Biotech, which can reach up to 120,000 euros.

The salaries also depend on the city in which you work. Of the six capitals analyzed in the study, in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao offer the highest salaries, while in Valencia, Seville and Malaga the salaries are up to 9% lower.

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One of the great keys to achieving a great professional projection is, according to Randstad experts, «continuous training focused on professional skills and improving employability ”. There are sectors such as technology, science or engineering that demand a very high qualification and that is why sometimes “they find it difficult to locate highly specialized talent.” Also, remember Valentín Bote, it is not enough to obtain a degree or finish a course. «You must maintain the vocation for constantly recycle, especially taking into account the digital world in which we live ».


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