Wahhab reveals new information about the Beirut bombing… and a dangerous matter is being prepared for Hariri! (Video)

“spot shot”

The head of the Arab Tawheed Party, Wiam Wahhab, “expressed his fear that the investigations into the explosion in the port of Beirut would go in the direction of negligence only, and that they would not go to the heart of the matter, who brought ammonium nitrate into the port and why.”

Wahhab stressed in an exclusive interview with “Spot Shot” that “the main person responsible for the explosion in the port of Beirut will not be able to hold anyone accountable,” adding: “I cannot disclose the party that caused the explosion in the port of Beirut, because in the end, no one will stand by me in case of danger. I have previously tried this issue, and no one stood by me when I was attacked in my pre-Islamic town.”

Wiam Wahhab revealed that he “knows who is responsible for the bombing, and he is not Hezbollah, and investigations have proven that, and I have data that I do not want to talk about.” If you speak? Will I be a hero? Of course not, no one from the Lebanese people stood by me when the information branch raided me, and I almost paid the price at that time.”

He pointed out that “I heard that some testimonies have been changed in the file of the port bombing, and there are several people who were offered to change their testimonies and received promises to get them out of the crisis they were in.”

Regarding the possibility of Lebanon obtaining aid, he said that there are conditions that have been set for Lebanon, “and President Macron informed President Mikati about this, so the logic of “Khod’s aid and the theft of what is left in me,” directed to the politicians by saying: “You want to stop stealing, guys, and I ask you to stop stealing, and he asks you, the least one, then he stole 600 million.” Dollars and there are people who have earned billions of dollars, so they stopped stealing and repented.”

Wahhab reminded that Lebanon will face very harsh conditions for the International Monetary Fund that will “donate” the poor, and 80% of the Lebanese will be unable to respond to these conditions, and if we do not work seriously and “work incorrectly”, the dollar will be without a ceiling.

And Wiam Wahhab considered on “Spot Shot” that “President Saad Hariri is currently facing a big problem that may lead him to exit politics in Lebanon, as judicial rulings are chasing him in more than one country, and I heard that the lawsuits against him will reach Lebanon soon, and will threaten his home and property, and I think that Hariri will not be able to complete the Lebanese politics, and Hariri’s house as a house can be blocked.”

Wahab revealed that “the relationship between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is cut off because of several issues, including the issue of Hannibal Gaddafi.”

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