Waiting for Hani Shaker’s response

Tarek Mortada, media advisor to the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, confirmed that the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe has obtained all the necessary licenses to perform concerts on the northern coast.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Ain Al-Akhbar, Mortada said: All the parties that were held recently in Egypt, their owners obtained the necessary licenses from the union, and there are no violations.

When asked about the direction of the Egyptian Syndicate to impose sanctions on Haifa Wehbe because of her clothes in the North Coast concerts, as was reported recently, he said: “I cannot answer this question, and I must go back to the captain of musicians, Hani Shaker, to know his opinion on the matter.”

Haifa Wehbe performed a party last Thursday in the new city of El Alamein, and she appeared with a bold look, as she wore “hot shorts” and was keen to send a word of thanks to Egypt and a word of love to her country, Lebanon.

Haifa thanked all the artists in attendance, and concluded with a word to the festival singer, Hamo Beka, saying: “No one upsets Hamo Beka, my love. I see most of his videos. You are the one who provokes him.” And before shaking hands with him, she asked him: “Have you been fed?” Becca replied, “Oh, star.”

In her second concert, which was held on Saturday evening, Haifa Wehbe appeared on stage wearing shiny pants and an open shirt.

Haifa presented, during her second concert on the northern coast, a variety of her old and modern songs, and lit the party with bold show moves, in the presence of a large audience.

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