Waldemar Kita takes a lot!

The sanction is heavy. In this international truce, the LFP looked into the incidents between referees and certain club members. This targets the president of FC Nantes Waldemar Kita, after his behavior towards the referees of the Nantes-PSG match (0-3), and two Strasbourg residents: Christian Rothacker, shareholder, as well as Kader Mangane the sports coordinator, for their attitude to the end of the match between Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace and OM (0-1).

The three men were sanctioned by the disciplinary committee, but not on the same scale. The Nantes president will have to pay him a hefty note: “Four months of suspension, including two months suspended, of the bench, referees’ locker room and all official functions”. As for the Strasbourg shareholder, he gets “only” four suspension matches including two suspended matches. Same price for the RCSA sports coordinator.

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