He is furious. Waldemar Méndez, a former Chilean nationalized soccer player and current ESPN television panelist, sent a harsh outburst against Reinaldo Rueda, since yesterday a former selector of La Roja.

During the last broadcast of the ESPN FC program, the former goalkeeper attacked the Colombian coach for his strange departure from the Chilean representative.

“It ends up falling Rueda, absolutely,” Méndez said on the air, emphasizing that “for me he should have called a press conference, to have shown his face.”

Méndez, in addition, ‘challenged’ his teammates Francisco Sagredo and Sebastián Esnaola for the passivity with which they took the DT escape. “Unlike the two of you, who surprises me because you are Chilean, because I am also Chilean but by adoption and nationalization … Nobody rejects the Chilean team ”.

“The selection is untouchable. The Chilean team has to be the best in South America. It is seen that the Chilean team is disposable, and it is a competitive team. Independent that they do not want it ”, he added.

Finally, Waldemar finished his speech by emphasizing that Rueda seems like a “good coach”, but he questioned that “for me a real class coach does not do what he did, to let go of one to grab another. The Chilean team is respected ”.