Wales, 10, sound like they won after Italy knocked out

Welsh coach Rob Page said Wales lost just one goal to Italy without conceding more goals in the final half-hour when the remaining 10 players vowed to finish the game as winners. After advancing to the next round as the second team in Group A following the Azzurri players Went together last Sunday night. And it’s also a knockout round in the Euros. A second consecutive time has been achieved while Roberto Mancini insists that all players in the national team are of quality substitute. After resting up to 8 players in the final game of the group stage in Rome and qualifying with a great performance, winning all matches, Switzerland defeated Turkey, but it was not enough. Must be able to qualify for the next round as one of the 4 best 3rd place teams.
The Welsh Dragons, in the final 35 minutes, face Italy with fewer players after Nathan Ampadu was sent off for stomping on the ankle of an opposing player in front of the referee. While the score is one goal behind Matteo Pescina’s shot in the first half, if the rest of the time is crushed Also at risk of falling out of second place behind another field, Switzerland leads Turkey 3-1 while the Azzurri players continue to invade hard, but Page’s team can maintain it without conceding more goals. While the other match ended with the same score, West was still able to advance to the next round as the second-placed team following Italy with three wins in a row, while the Swiss weren’t moving. Therefore, they still have to win a chance to qualify as the best 3rd-ranked 4 teams.
Turkey before the tournament It was named one of the show’s dark horses, but lost three straight home matches as the fourth-placed team in Group A.
Rob Page, Wales national team manager Said after the game at the Olympic Stadium in Rome: “Of course we felt like winning. Because we finished second in the group, we knew we had a really tough game here. And it’s even harder than we thought when playing 10v11. With 10 players left, it felt like we had encountered a bigger mountain that had to be crossed. But we were able to complete the mission.”
Paige thinks the sacking of Ampadu was a wrong decision. “I think it’s too harsh a judgment. I think he should have only received a yellow card. but no matter what He will learn from this incident.”
The Red Dragon boss said Wales have more confidence now for the knockout stages. It is highly likely that they will face Holland in Baku if the Orange Knights beat Russia or Finland or Denmark in Amsterdam on Saturday.
“Are we going to face these top teams and think about having more possession of the ball, I don’t think we will defend with full strength? Of course And can we have players who can attack them from counter-attacks? Yes, of course,” Page said after Sunday night’s game. Italy had more possession, 70% vs 30% and scored 23. time on the 6th frame while Wales have 3 shots on target 1.
On the Roberto Mancini, the Italian national team boss. Very satisfied to see this team that has changed from the first match to 8 people. Can’t miss the win. and maintain a straight win in the group stage by all the players he called up to the national team All of them did the job as he wanted. while the people whose work was impressive Yes, it can’t be dropped to sit. Because everyone on the team is real.
As for Switzerland, going into the third game, trying to shoot Turkey as much as possible, but won 3-1, finishing third in Group A, still have to wait to get into the finals or not. As the best 3rd-ranked four teams, with Switzerland getting 3 goals from Haris Seferovic, 6, Xherdan Shaqiri, 26, 68, Turkey from Irrfan San Khaveci p. 62


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