walk in the flowers of the Louvre

EXCLUSIVE – The artist gives us his desire for the Christmas holidays.

“I would like to stroll again in the Louvre in the middle of the flowers of his large paintings which inspired me The wonderful Herbarium. Notes on the hidden meaning of Louvre flowers (Louvre / Actes Sud, 2019). And encourage the public to return to the museum as soon as possible. To take time in front of the works. To let yourself be overwhelmed by contact with these images which are not, which are emotions, stories, encounters with the Great History. We must regain a carelessness, a lightness. This game that my Wonderful herbarium, nourished by scholarly texts, popular beliefs and personal memories, proposes to enter through this simple glance into the works. More than a “thousand flowers” of knowledge, it is a vital lightness in our approach to the world.

There are more than 5,000 roses listed in the paintings of the Louvre. The rose is for me the emblem of France

After these months of confinement, isolation, we lost in dialogue, with others but also with works. These mirrors of the soul send us back to things deep within us. This is why we return to the museum, because

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