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Walk through Germany’s ugliest city

Seven when you arrive at the train station. If you look down at all the concrete. Especially when you stand inside between the concrete and the asphalt, between stone and plaster and everything that is gray and suitable for effective soil sealing. And then finally, when you make your way through the pedestrian aisle between the stunted coniferous plantation, when the high street and a bowling center loom over an undefined, winter-dry scrub – then you either want to turn around immediately and take a train to a city that people don’t hates. Or travel back in time and deter those responsible for these crimes from their crimes, if necessary with a little gentle force.

When the satirical show “Extra 3” named Ludwigshafen the ugliest city in Germany, there was little opposition from there. On the contrary, the city’s cultural office had the likeable idea of ​​turning it into a city tour and asked the artist and architect Helmut van der Buchholz. This usually shows interested parties artistically relevant corners of the city. But after five minutes to think it over, he was already at twenty points, he says. In 2018, two hundred friends of misguided urban planning appeared for the first guided tour as part of the cultural summer. Since then, the tours have been taking place regularly under the beautiful title “Germany’s Ugliest City Tour”.


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