Walking Meat・Friends Graduating!The popular vegetarian buffet will be completed at the end of February. Supporters are welcome to carry the restaurant logo cups and plates as souvenirs for free

Walking Meat・Friends Graduating!The popular vegetarian buffet will be completed at the end of February. Supporters are welcome to carry the restaurant logo cups and plates as souvenirs for free

The popular vegetarian buffet restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui announced that it will officially close at the end of February, which shocked and dissapointed many netizens! “Walking Meat·Friends” features a vegetarian buffet with a variety of dishes, such as Mediterranean salad, saliva chicken, vegetarian Dongpo meat, etc. It will also provide a limited-time themed vegetarian meal, attracting support from many vegetarians and non-vegetarians. If readers want to eat, they must grasp the last month or so!

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The popular vegetarian buffet restaurant “Meat and Friends” closes at the end of February

The popular vegetarian buffet restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui, “Walking Meat Friends” announced on Facebook that it will officially close on February 24. Netizens were shocked and dismayed. The restaurant focuses on a variety of vegetarian food, integrates creativity into the dishes, and also provides limited-time themed vegetarian dishes, attracting the support of many vegetarians, and also attracting non-vegetarians to try it.

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

“Walking Meat·Friends” explained the reason for the reluctance to graduate on Facebook (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

“Walking Meat·Friends” announced the completion of its graduation (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

Many netizens were stunned (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

Hope to meet again one day (Photo: Facebook@walking meat・friend)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

Delicious vegetarian restaurant (Photo: Facebook@walking meat・friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

“Walking Meat·Friends” offers a limited-time themed vegetarian food (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

In the past winter and Christmas, we also provided corresponding themed vegetarian food to take care of the needs of vegetarians (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

Conscience Store hopes to continue to distribute meal coupons to the elderly

“Meat. Friends” also undertakes social responsibilities. It launched “Meat. Meal Vouchers” with the community center, and distributed free meal vouchers to the elderly living alone in the district. , I hope that the meal coupons will continue.

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

As parting is imminent, “Walking Meat·Friends” also launched Chinese New Year Reunion Poon Choi for customers to buy (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

There is also a must-have oiler for the Chinese New Year (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

走肉・朋友結業!人氣素食自助餐做到二月底結業 歡迎支持者免費拎有餐廳logo杯碟作紀念

A lot of Chinese New Year cakes (Photo: Facebook@walking meat·friends)

Supporters are welcome to pick up the cups and saucers after the restaurant closes

In addition, the restaurant also invited diners and neighbors to take pictures in the same post on Facebook, so that they can say goodbye. Supporters are also welcome to take them away on February 25 and 26 after the restaurant closes. Cups and saucers with the logo of “Walking Meat, Friends” as a commemoration, and appealed to continue to support the sister store “Walking Meat and Vegetable Food Research Institute” in Lai Chi Kok.

Walking Meat・Friends

Address: G/F, 28-30 Bowen Street, Tai Kok Tsui (Click here for the map

Tel: 2388 6280

Business hours: Monday to Friday 11:30am-15:00pm, 18:00pm-21:30pm; Saturday to Sunday 11:30am-16:00pm, 18:00pm-21:30pm

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