Walking With Sticks, Tommy Kurniawan Attends Ifan Seventeen’s Wedding Pernikahan

Jakarta, Insertlive

Tommy Kurniawan | recently suffered a serious injury while playing futsal. His leg was injured and he was forced to temporarily use a cane to walk.

Although still injured, Tommy and his wife Lisya Nurrahmi took the time to attend the wedding Ifan Seventeen and Image of Monica Citra.

Tommy admitted that as Ifan’s friend, he didn’t want to miss this moment.

“I don’t want to miss Ifan’s happy moment with Monica. So I came. This is the first invitation I’ve come to. Because yesterday I was a little embarrassed, right, I used a stick. I think this is a happy moment that can’t be passed,” said Tommy when met at Pullman, West Jakarta , Saturday (29/5).

Tommy also revealed the current health condition of his feet. After undergoing treatment, Tommy admitted that his leg was better than before.

“His condition is healthy, he is good. His focus has also been reduced by 50 percent. Alhamdulillah, he is getting better,” explained Tommy.

Meanwhile, regarding Ifan’s marriage, Tommy admitted that he had followed a long process starting from the application, the contract, to the reception which will be held tonight.

“We participate in all kinds of application processes, yes. So we already know everything. So yes, as close friends, we want to be present at all moments. From the application to the contract, reception, basically we support it,” concluded Tommy.


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