“Walkman” appears in LEGO IDEAS. Good for commercialization!Let’s | Gizmodo Japan

The delicate feeling of headphones is exquisite!

Sony’s portable music player “” released in the 1980sWalkman WM-22Is reproduced in Lego,LEGO IDEASWe are waiting for support from 10,000 people.here10,000 likesOnce you receive it, you will be one step closer to commercialization.


The title of the work is “Zubari”SONY WALKMANThis model made by Jerac has the straps and cassette tapes reproduced properly, and the bright red body is just like that! It’s not a masterpiece that uses thousands of pieces, but “What? Is this Lego? To the extent that it is misunderstoodRealisticThat is the point.

At the time of writing568 daysLeaving3,599 peopleThere was support from. The deadline is still over a year, so I definitely want you to commercialize it. Even if you can’t play music, it looks good in the interior. Or if you put in a small MP3 player or smartphone and play music really, the emo will explode.


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