Walkthrough of the Crownfall event

The long-awaited Fallen Crown for Dota 2 is finally out. It turned out to be a story event dedicated to the history of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit. The event, although not in full, is available free of charge to all users. Read about what “Fallen Crown” is, what rewards you can get and how to complete the event in the Cybersport.ru material.

Catacombs with a plot

The core mechanics of Fallen Crown are already familiar to you, as they are taken from the Catacombs used in the Battle Pass.

Event map

To advance along the event map, you need to contribute tokens, and they, in turn, are given for matches in Dota 2 itself on certain heroes. In total, there are 18 main and one additional paid type of tokens.

A paid token gives access to side quests

Each hero is assigned three tokens. For example, Disruptor has Riding, Rapid Damage, and Control.

Disruptor Tokens

However, some heroes have two or even three tokens from the same category at once. For example, Broodmother is a way to farm Crawling tokens.

Broodmother Tokens

As we move along the map, we discover story dialogues and events related to the story of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit, who set out to take revenge on the usurper queen.

Our heroes refused such an offer

How to earn tokens?

Accordingly, as in the case of catacombs, tokens are given for the game itself in Dota 2, but not only for winning. In normal mode (All Pick):

  • three chips to win;
  • one random token per defeat.

You can also farm tokens in Turbo, but, again, as before, it’s a little less efficient:

  • in Turbo, two out of three tokens are given for a victory;
  • There are no tokens given for defeat in Turbo.

In addition, you can also get tokens in random events that are scattered throughout the map.

Here you can meet that very hospitable eagle owl

And here, apparently, we can go fishing with Tidehunter – a fragment of this activity was just demonstrated in a video on the official website

Among the random events you can also find a token exchanger.

How to exchange tokens?

What rewards can you get for free?

As you know, to open all the content on the “Fallen Crown” map, you will have to pay ₽1,400 by purchasing the “Explorer’s Kit”, which opens access to side quests. However, even without this, we will still receive certain valuable gifts for completing it.

  • Two new Fallen Crown Treasures, one of each type (each containing 13 sets).

First treasury

Second treasury

  • A mythical set for Invoker that adds wings to the hero. The set has four styles, but two of them can only be unlocked in the paid content portion of the map.

In other styles the Invoker wings change color

  • Access to the candy caravan. This mechanic has been used by Valve before. Having reached the candy caravan, which is located in the center of the map, users will be able to exchange earned candies (one of the event currencies) for various rewards from the past: Arcana items, full sets, couriers, commentators, and more. It will be possible to update the caravan’s assortment with the help of victories in Dota 2 itself.
  • Chat wheel phrases.
  • Themed gifts: loading screen, graffiti, emoticons, window decorations.
  • Double bet rating tokens.
  • Store coins are a currency that allows you to get a discount on the purchase of event-related items. In total we can earn 15 of these coins. Ten are exchanged for a discount of ₽740.

Paid rewards

“Fallen Crown” turned out to have a fairly wide range of paid chips.

  • New Arcana for Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit. The first arcana has two different styles (the second will open after completing the fourth act), and the second has three, and you will definitely have to pay extra for Queen Imperia, since it becomes available only after completing all SIDE quests in all four acts. The cost of each arcana is ₽3,250.

Skywrath Mage

Vengeful Spirit

  • An Explorer’s Kit that unlocks two side quests. Thanks to it, you can get ten more event coins, candies, styles for Invoker, three treasuries and an Immortal weapon for Riki. The set without a discount will cost ₽1,400. In addition to side tasks, two more cases are hidden in the paid part of the map – what is hidden behind them is still unknown.


  • The event treasures themselves. They can be purchased individually or in a set of nine pieces. The price of one chest is ₽230.

Chest with Meepo

  • A set of currency and dual rating tokens. One set includes 30 candy bags, ten caravan replacements, and 20 double rating tokens. Cost: ₽740. Exactly as much as you can get as a discount for ten event coins.

Royal reserves


“The Fallen Crown” is divided into four acts, so far only the first is available, but information has already appeared about the release dates of the next parts. However, it has not yet been confirmed in the client:

  • the first act will last until May 14;
  • second act: from May 14 to June 11;
  • third act: from June 11 to July 9;
  • fourth act: from July 9 to August 6.

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