Wallonia awaits your proposals to relaunch the region after the crisis!

While Wallonia, like the rest of the country, must face up to the urgent health situation, the authorities are already looking to the future in parallel. This is the objective of the “Get Up Wallonia” project. “We will still end up controlling this appalling disease”, launches the Walloon Minister-President, Elio Di Rupo. ” At what moment ? No one can tell at this point. But if everything were to come true as some hope, we should, for the spring or summer, be able to be in a phase where we come out of this crisis. “

To define how to revive Wallonia, the government intends to draw inspiration from the ideas of the population. This is why he is launching a citizen consultation on Monday. Via a paper form available in municipal administrations or Wallonia areas, or via the website www.mawallonie.be, citizens are invited to make proposals and respond to an online survey.

Concretely, six themes have been identified: How to ensure quality employment for each Walloon and each Walloon? How to make Wallonia a new land of economic prosperity? How to promote solidarity and proximity in Wallonia? How to create a sustainable living environment in Wallonia? How to allow everyone to get involved in the life of society? Other concrete proposals for the Wallonia of tomorrow, for Wallonia after the Covid-19?

Citizens can, for each theme, formulate proposals, consult existing proposals and possibly support them. A specialized consortium will be responsible for compiling them, prioritizing them and identifying what is consensus or, on the contrary, controversial in the various proposals. A summary will then be submitted to the government. The first measures are expected in March or even April. “He never excludes some delays,” smiles Elio Di Rupo.

The formulation of proposals is free even if a framework in the form of themes has nevertheless been set. Of course, Wallonia will only be able to take measures within the framework of its powers, but it claims to be attentive to other proposals which it could relay to other authorities in the country.

The citizen consultation is open for 5 weeks. To your keyboards (or pencils…)!

Other sources of inspiration …

Alongside the citizens, the Walloon government called on other players to find the magic formula for recovery. “We called on university professors who sit on a strategic council,” explains the minister-president. This council will compile not only the proposals of citizens, but also those of three task forces (economy and territory; employment, social and health; environment and climate) set up especially within the framework of Get Up Wallonia and bringing together social partners, public services , companies, non-profit organizations, etc. “We expect this strategic council to formulate a global and coherent vision of all these proposals. “

It is on the basis of this global and coherent vision that the government will ultimately have to take measures.


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