Walloon festivals only authorized for vaccinated in Andenne? The municipality is backing up and only asking for the Covid Safe Ticket

Walloon festivals only reserved for vaccinated people? It’s an announcement that made the Andennais react a lot.

As part of the Walloon festivals, the authorities of Andenne had decided to hold the event “Un air de fête”, which will take place from September 24 to 26, under the Covid Safe Ticket regime.

In practice, it was therefore necessary to present proof of vaccination, a negative test or a certificate of healing to access the activity areas of the event. A solution that allows not to impose the mask or barrier gestures.

Nevertheless, the municipal college decided on Tuesday to further restrict access to the event by requiring a valid and complete vaccination certificate, thereby excluding negative PCR tests as well as certificates of cure. A discriminatory measure which does not respect European and federal health rules.

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In a press release intended for associations taking part in the Walloon festivals, the college requires the vaccination certificate to participate in the “un air de fête” event © All rights reserved

Unia, the interfederal center for equal opportunities, specifies that, although this measure was introduced in a completely legal manner, its discriminatory and disproportionate nature could lead it to be the subject of a request for annulment before the state Council.

Backpedaling from the college, the CST will be requested

The announcement of this Tuesday caused an outcry from citizens but also from theopposition.

An indignation that made the mayor react Claude Eerdekens as well as his college who reconsidered their decision. The mayeur insisting on specifying that this would be a “communication errorRather surprising when you look at the announcements made on the city’s website and in previous releases.

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We assume this error. It is a step backwards compared to the first communication but it is logical that we make this event in the respect of the rules decided by the consultation committee.

In a press release issued this Thursday evening, the municipal college announces that the event will take place on presentation of a valid Covid Safe Ticket. He also specifies that heremains convinced that generalized vaccination will be the solution to allow a return to a normal life without constraint and hopes that this maximum vaccination rate will be quickly obtained“.

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The Covid Safe Ticket is finally reinstated. © Press release from the city of Andenne

For the mayor, vaccination is the only solution

An opinion shared by the mayor, for whom vaccination is an essential tool for our society. Contacted by RTBF, he said: “I believe that vaccination is the only solution and I do not understand that part of the population, for reasons most often incomprehensible, refuses a very simple solution which makes their life easier.

And to add: “It is true that there is now, and I feel it, more and more an exasperation of the unvaccinated towards the anti-ax activists who are demonstrating and doing everything to prevent us from coming out of this pandemic. That some are not vaccinated because it is not compulsory, it is their right. But unfortunately for them, they run the risk of having to request a PCR test every three days to be able to attend events. It is still much easier to be vaccinated.

The Covid Safe Ticket will therefore be required to enter the activity zones where concerts and events will be given. These two zones will be installed on Place des Tilleuls and the promenade des Ours esplanade.

The clearance sale and the activities planned outside these areas will be accessible to everyone, without a Covid Safe Ticket.

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