Walmart clears guns and ammunition from shelves ahead of US election

The tension ahead of the US election is growing. Both candidates are making their final appearances to convince undecided voters. As the election evening approaches, however, concerns about possible options also grow Outbreaks of violence around the vote.

The US retail group Walmart now has guns and ammunition off the shelves of his stores in the USA cleared. These would continue to be sold on request, said a spokesman on Thursday.

Since it came to “isolated unrest”, however, the step “for the safety of employees and customers” had been taken. This corresponds to the procedure already known on several occasions in recent years. After the death of George Floyd through police violence, Walmart had made a similar decision that summer.

The spokesman did not say when the weapons should be openly sold again. In any case, according to the announcement, weapons are only sold “in about half of all locations, especially where there are many hunters and sport shooters”. The group operates nearly 4,800 stores in the United States.

Rioting and looting have erupted in several US cities this year, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Portland. At the same time, US firearms sales hit record levels ahead of Tuesday’s vote. Experts do not rule out violence in the area of ​​choice.

Amnesty calls for protesters to be protected

Had a week ago Amnesty International made an appeal to the US government. The human rights organization demands that this Better protect protesters from violence ahead of the presidential election on November 3rd.

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Security forces are currently unable to prevent peaceful gatherings from being disrupted, according to a report published on Friday. However, law enforcement officials must ensure that the basic right to peaceful assembly can be exercised.

The democratic challenger lies a few days before the election Joe Biden in most polls before incumbent Donald Trump – and in part clearly. The former US Vice President can also book a lead in the swing states that may be decisive for the election. Nevertheless, observers expect a close election result.

In particular, the fact that an extremely large number of postal voters can be expected due to the corona crisis could cause unrest on election evening. Depending on how quickly these votes are counted, a reliable result can be a long time coming.

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