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Walter Pérez, as he was better known, had an electromechanical workshop in the place where he was murdered; In addition, he was a skating instructor in the mayor of Zacatecoluca and in El Cafetalón, Santa Tecla.

Walter was the last resort that automotive workshops had when they could not find a solution to an electronic problem in a vehicle, his relatives assured while this afternoon yesterday they waited for the Institute of Legal Medicine to deliver the remains to them to be veiled and buried.

José Walter Ulises Pérez Aguilar was an electronic engineer, according to his relatives, and had his workshop in the same house where he lived, on Santa Cecilia Street in the Santa Anita neighborhood, south of San Salvador, where at 5:00 pm last Thursday he was riddled with bullets by subjects who were riding motorcycles.

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Relatives of the victim told El Diario de Hoy that they could not find an explanation for Walter’s murder, although some media have claimed that he was killed for defending another person from an assault, the relatives are not sure of that, although not They discard him because “he was one of those people who if he looked at someone in danger or in trouble, he did not hesitate to help him,” said a relative.

Pasaje Santa Cecilia, Santa Anita neighborhood, where José Walter Ulises Pérez Aguilar was assassinated the previous Thursday. Photo Cotesía

According to sources, at Walter’s house they were getting ready for Christmas Eve. Suddenly he left the house, then they heard several detonations.

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To date, relatives thought it was rockets, until a neighbor ran to tell them that Walter had been shot. It is said in the neighborhood that before Walter was shot, they saw two well-tinted vehicles prowling around the place; They are not neighbor vehicles, they affirmed.

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Authorities not yet reviewing videos

The murderers were two individuals who were riding a motorcycle. Apparently he was shot first, the victim ran but was chased until he was finished.

Neighbors of Walter claim to be surprised by the fact, because the place is quiet, there are no recorded acts of blood.

For their part, the relatives affirm that he never told them that he had problems with someone or that he had been threatened.

Although the place is territory controlled by the Revolutionary 18 gang, the crime rates are very low and homicides have not been registered for a long time, say police sources consulted.

Gang member murdered in Usulután

The Police reported the murder of an alleged gang member that occurred on Friday at dawn on the main street of the El Sitio village, Puerto El Triunfo, Usulután. The victim identified as José Rodolfo Prudencio Avelar, 20, an active member of the gang 18 that operates in various communities in the municipality of Puerto El Triunfo, authorities confirmed. The duty officer of the Usulután delegation explained that the gang member lived two blocks from the place where he was killed, the subject had a history of being detained.

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In the sector where the engineer and skating instructor were killed, there are several companies that have video surveillance cameras, however, the authorities said they would review the videos until the companies return to work, since at the time of the murder and yesterday, they were closed for the holiday.

Some relatives expressed their concern because, apparently, the municipal video surveillance cameras that are in main arteries such as Venezuela Boulevard or 25 Avenida Sur or on the outskirts of the Maternity Hospital have not been reviewed.

Helped many children

Besides mechanics, Walter had a greater passion: skating. With this, I help many children and young people to avoid getting involved in groups and criminal acts, by prosecuting them in the practice of this sport.

In the sports complex known as El Cafetalón, in Santa Tecla, he was well known for training those who wanted to practice skating. In that same place he had a skate rental and sale business.

He was also an instructor at the Municipal Skating School of the City Hall of Zacatecoluca, according to an obituary published yesterday by that commune in which they regretted that crime had taken Walter’s life.

“We will always remember. I never imagined that yesterday would be his last Joki game with the kids here in Zacate. What terrible news. See you soon, Walter, ”wrote Yami Álvarez on Facebook.

“Walter Pérez, a great teacher and a wonderful person, says a strong goodbye to all his students and family and friends. My deepest condolences. Who would have thought that yesterday would be our last time with our teacher ”, expressed Ezequiel Blanco.

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