‘Wandering Eater’ culinary researcher Lim Ji-ho dies of heart attack… At age 65: The News Korea

▲ ‘Wandering Eater’ culinary researcher Lim Ji-ho, died of a heart attack…. 65 years old © The News Korea

[더뉴스코리아=김두용 기자] wandererJiho Lim, a culinary researcher well known for 12died of a heart attack. retirement age 65three.

the deceased 40I have been traveling around the world for many years, looking for ingredients in nature and making dishes. nomadic foodiegot the nickname, 2006In the same year, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

the deceased TV program How to eat well and live well, Did you have a meal?’, ‘healing camp, aren’t you happywidely known to viewers through.

In recent years All butlers‘, ‘rule of the jungleChef’s, ‘eat moreAlso appeared in.

last year 2May’s philosophy of life and cooking, longing for mother 10A documentary film directed by Park Hye-ryeong dinner tablemet the audience with.

The mortuary was prepared at the Kim Paving Ceremony in Rest Nakwon, and the funeral is 14it’s a thing.

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