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[EpochTimesJune92021]According to an Associated Press report on June 4, American “Fox News” anchor Carlson pointed out that a source in the American intelligence community revealed that “in historyHighest levelChina (CCP)Defector“It has cooperated with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for three months, and disclosed to the U.S. news about the CCP’s “biological weapons program.”

This news has been cross-confirmed by multiple sources and should be credible.

This “historicalHighest levelCCPDefectorWhat level is it? Among the CCP officials who fled to the United States before, the highest rank was Xu Jiatun, a member of the Central Advisory Committee and the director of the Hong Kong branch of Xinhua News Agency, who fled to the United States after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. Xu is a minister-level official. Is this latest escape from the US official higher than Xu’s level? The author could not confirm this, so I had to doubt it first.

Judging from the reports of mainstream American media, the intelligence brought by this “highest level in history” CCP defector may be incompatible with “Chinese Communist virus“(Also known as COVID-19, the new crown virus) is related to the source.

Recently, at home and abroad, around “Chinese Communist virus“The source of the problem has undergone a series of major changes, with seven outstanding manifestations:

First, the attitude of US President Biden has changed.

On May 26, Biden issued a statement ordering US intelligence agencies to submit a report on the origin of the virus to him within 90 days.

This is Biden’s most important statement on the origin of the “Chinese Communist Party virus” in the past four months since he took office as US President, and it is also a manifestation of Biden’s major changes on this issue.

Previously, the virusTraceabilityNot on Biden’s important agenda.

On May 25, CNN reported that the U.S. State Department’s Arms Control Agency, under the leadership of Secretary of State Pompeo, conducted an investigation into the origin of the virus. However, after hearing the preliminary conclusions of the investigation team between February and March, the Biden administration decided Discontinue the investigation. David Asher, who is in charge of the investigation, said in an interview with Fox that the investigation does have a reason to continue, but he did not understand why the Biden administration did not continue the investigation.

Second, the attitude of U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln has changed.

Brinken said in the US news program “Axios on HBO” broadcast on June 6 that the Biden administration is determined to “get to the bottom” of the origin of the COVID-19 virus and will hold the CCP accountable.

However, Brinken said in an interview with CNN on March 28 that the Biden administration is unlikely to punish China (the CCP) for dealing with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. People should focus on “setting up a stronger anti-epidemic system for the future.”

Third, the attitude of Fauci, the chief medical adviser to the President of the United States, has changed.

Fauci is an American immunologist. He is currently the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a member of the Chinese Communist Party Virus (commonly known as the new coronavirus) group of the White House, and the president’s chief medical adviser.

On May 24, Fox News reported that Fauci, the top US infectious disease and public health expert, said in an interview: “I am not convinced that the virus comes from nature. I think we should continue to investigate what is happening in China.”

CNN stated that Fauci personally overturned his views a year ago. A year ago, he believed that the virus was passed from animals to humans, not from a laboratory leak.

Recently, the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and CNN obtained 3,234 pages of Fauci private emails (from January to June 2020) through the US Freedom of Information Act.

The email showed that Fauci, American virus immunology expert Anderson, WHO expert Dassak who worked closely with Wuhan Institute of Virology researcher Shi Zhengli, as well as WHO and the Chinese Communist Center for Disease Control and Prevention, were discovered on the source of the virus. There are signs of joint efforts to cover up real information and deliberately misleading the public.

Fourth, the U.S. congressmen have become more accountable to the CCP.

On May 26, the U.S. Senate passed a bill requiring the Director of National Intelligence to declassify all intelligence related to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origin of the new coronavirus within 90 days.

On May 28, 209 Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi, requesting Congress to thoroughly investigate the origin of the virus and make the CCP responsible for concealing the epidemic. If it is confirmed that the virus was leaked from the laboratory, “the CCP will be responsible for the deaths of nearly 600,000 Americans and millions of people worldwide.”

Fifth, the international scientific community’s response to virusesTraceabilityThe voice was even higher.

On May 13, 18 world-class scientists from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other countries published an open letter in the journal Science, calling for a new independent investigation of all possible origins of the virus.

Currently, the world’s top virus experts, such as Scott Gottlieb, head of the Trump Administration’s Food and Drug Administration, Peter Hotez, Dean of the School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor University, Ravindra Gupta, a clinical microbiologist at the University of Cambridge, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Jesse Bloom, who studies the evolution of viruses, and David Relman, professor of microbiology at Stanford University, have all expressed their hope to re-investigate and believe that the possibility of laboratory leaks cannot be ruled out.

Sixth, the attitude of American mainstream media has also changed.

On May 23, the Wall Street Journal quoted a previously undisclosed report from a US intelligence agency that all three Wuhan Virus Research researchers contracted the disease in November 2019 and sought medical treatment. This move is more than a month earlier than the Chinese Communist Party’s official disclosure of the spread of the new crown virus.

According to the report, the content of this report includes the number of affected researchers, the time of their illnesses, and the details of the hospital visits. The details of the report may add to calls for more extensive investigations into whether the virus has leaked from the laboratory.

This news aroused heated discussions among all walks of life in the United States and the international community on the source of the “Chinese Communist virus.” Many mainstream media outlets in the United States have all changed their calibre, believing that the laboratory virus leak theory has a certain degree of credibility and should be further investigated.

On May 25, the “Washington Post” published an article that the claim that the new crown virus leaked from the Wuhan laboratory was previously regarded as a ridiculous conspiracy theory, but it has gained new credibility in the past few months.

On May 26, the social media giant Facebook also issued a statement stating that it will no longer delete content that “new crown virus is man-made” from the platform.

Why did the above-mentioned series of major changes occur?

I think it is probably related to the “highest level in history” defectors from the CCP. U.S. President Biden, U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln, U.S. President’s Chief Medical Adviser Fauci, U.S. mainstream media, suddenly turned to the source of the virus, and all changed their words. U.S. congressmen pursued the issue, and the call for traceability investigations in the scientific community increased The biggest possibility is that the “highest level in history” CCP defectors have provided the United States with heavyweight intelligence.

This can also be disproved by the CCP’s fierce response to the virus traceability investigation.

From May 31 to June 4, the “People’s Daily” published a series of comments on “The Traceability of the New Coronavirus Cannot Be Politically Maneuvered” signed by “The Bell” for five consecutive days, namely “The Bad Acts Disrupting Global Anti-epidemic Cooperation” ( May 31), “Presumption of Guilt” Contains Stigma and Disaster” (June 1), “Respect for Science Can Effectively Trace the Source” (June 2), “The “CIA Transformation” Farce Has Endless Harm” (June) 3rd) and “Inductive Reporting Damages One’s Credibility” (June 4th).

According to many “heavy” comments previously published by “Zing Sheng”, “Zing Sheng” may be the pseudonym of the CCP’s most important “Queen Literati” and represents the voice of the highest level of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Therefore, the homophonic sound is “Zing Sheng”.

The point of view of all these comments boiled down to: WHO’s traceability investigation has ended, and the WHO expert survey report published on March 30 has made it very clear that laboratory leaks are “extremely unlikely”. This is a conclusion that cannot be questioned. , There is no need to investigate again. The CCP does not agree, support, or participate in the new traceability investigation. Whoever advocates doing this is “concealing evil intentions” and “infinite harm”.

However, the views in the above five reviews are not worth refuting.

On March 30, at the press conference of the WHO expert virus traceability investigation report, WHO Director-General Tan Desai said very clearly: “The assumption of laboratory leakage cannot be ruled out,” because “we have not yet found the source of the virus. “.

Why does the CCP rush to oppose the traceability investigation? Why did the CCP send out five “heavy comments” that are all nonsense? The only reasonable explanation is that the CCP must cover up, deny, deceive the Chinese people, and block all possible scientific investigations into China, Wuhan, and Wuhan Virus Research Institute.

Concluding remarks

On June 8, I published “Zhongnanhai Faces AgainStormy sea“. It mentioned that Zhongnanhai faces seven pressures from home and abroad. Among them, the first huge pressure from abroad is to trace the source of the virus, hold accountability, and claim compensation.

Since January 1 last year, the CCP has used dictatorship and propaganda machinery to cover up the epidemic. However, the CCP’s absolute precautions have also failed to prevent Yan Limeng, a postdoctoral fellow in Virology and Immunology at the Infectious Disease Research Center of the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong, from successfully fleeing to the United States. Yan Limeng told the U.S. intelligence agencies what she knew about the CCP’s concealment and concealment of the epidemic, and through the mainstream U.S. media, to the world.

It can be seen from Yan Limeng’s experience that it is entirely possible to come to the United States and cooperate with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, known as the “highest level of Chinese (CCP) defector in history.”

“The Bell” kept publishing five comments in succession, but it was just self-deception.Stormy seaIt’s about to be swept. For the survivors of conscience in Zhongnanhai, the only thing that can be done now is to find a way to jump off the broken ship of the CCP as soon as possible and find another way out.

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