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Wang Yuan is the original theme song of “Embracing You Through the Winter”

Wang Yuan is the original theme song of “Embracing You Through the Winter”

2021-12-07 18:19:17Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network, directed by Xue Xiaolu and starring Huang Bo and Jia Ling, the annual warm blockbuster “Embrace You Through Winter” today released the MV of the movie theme song sung by Wang Yuan. The reporter learned that Wang Yuanqing participated in the creation of lyrics and music. After watching the movie, he was deeply touched by the story in the film. Combining his own experience and knowledge, he wrote this “Winter Love Song” exclusively for the film. In the MV, he plays and sings, expressing affectionately the love that has passed through the winter.

Talking about the understanding of “to embrace you through the cold winter”, Wang Yuan believes that in addition to the literal meaning, “the cold winter also refers to the difficult moments in our lives. Embracing is not only about the person we hug, but also a sentence or a sentence. Actions can give us warmth, encouragement or comfort, and accompany us through difficult times.” Wang Yuan revealed that this song is the longest time-consuming song among the songs he has written. After repeated polishing, I hope to tell everyone “No matter what the situation is, we must believe that there will be warmth waiting, and someone will hug you through the cold winter.” In the MV, he appeared elegantly in a black suit, playing and singing, and interpreting this “warmest winter love song” exclusively for the movie. The romantic and warm atmosphere follows the notes flowing from his fingertips, which is more reminiscent of the piano teacher played by Zhu Yilong and the takeaway volunteer played by Jia Ling, sitting side by side in front of the piano, healing each other in the music Romantic plot.

The lyrics were co-created by Wang Yuan and Tang Tian, ​​and the tacit cooperation of the two old partners made every lyrics the best confession of love in winter. The love described in the song is “I want to accompany you to see the stars in the winter through most of the city”, “It’s not cold, I will block a city from the heavy snow”, and “Love is your name.” , I want to warm this icy and snowy land”, is to give you sunshine in the heavy rain and hug you in the cold winter. It was the love in the movie that gave them their creative inspiration. Because of the background of the epidemic, the emotions between people are extremely precious and special. Wang Yuan’s creation of this time is also different from his previous love songs. It is rendered in the background of the big era. Under the circumstances, the most common emotions of ordinary people have also become sparkling. The people in his singing “Take bitter taste to know gentleness. How fragile is, how brave.”

In this coldest winter where the “cold wind urges embrace”, love and hugs have become the most heart-warming “wintering artifacts”. As shown in the movie “Embracing You Through the Cold Winter”, whether it is Huang Bo’s constant distance from his wife in the film, the ignorant and ambiguous secret love performed by Jia Ling and Zhu Yilong, Xu Fan and Gao Yalin present a real sense of love. The crisis of love in the new year is still the most touching evening love CP created by Wu Yanshu and Xu Shaoxiong. The characters portray different aspects of love, but they convey the same firm vow: I am willing to “block the snow in the city” for you, and to do it for you” “Warm the ice and snow”, even if you “cross the long street, through the day and night”, you must “run to your side.”

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Press


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