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On September 15, the trendy social game experience reality show “Strange Script Shark” produced by iQiyi ended successfully. In the second part of “Under the Sun”, Wang Yuan ended his game journey with two extremely contrasting characters, and at the same time gained a lot of insights from his socially oriented characters.

Continuing the script of the previous issue of “Under the Sun”, in the next episode, the shark convoy who continued to stay in Jinsha Bay unexpectedly awoke but the butler died unexpectedly. Everyone found out that the true identity of the butler was a brain researcher in 2031. Not only did everyone including the Shark Caravan become the “container” of the test product, but the container code-named 0017 produced antibodies. Is it time and space disorder, or is there another hidden story? When the timeline is clear, the password box alone cannot find the password.

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Wang Yuan, who has been observing silently, solved the password in seconds according to the corresponding timetable of the Chinese zodiac and successfully opened it. This is in sharp contrast to the scene of other friends rushing to try the password. The effortless opening of the box was also laughed by everyone. Box professional households. When looking for the code name 0017, Wang Yuan showed his musicianship and super memory, and quickly popped up the songs that controlled the “container”. When everyone was at a loss, Wang Yuan used music to lead the container to the outdoor steps at a critical moment. Go up, and successfully find out after checking in. In the basement, I controlled my upper body and found the planned schedule on the computer, and opened the new laboratory according to the previously found password. After the steps, everyone changed their time back to their original identity, and the two-act script was triggered.

In the two-act script, Wang Yuan’s role is called Gangzi, a bar owner. As the plot deepens, everyone gradually discovers that all the stories are related to a girl named Xiaoxue. The house sister spreads exaggerated information, Xiaorou alienates her good friends, and Gangzi’s inappropriate advice to Xiaoxue indirectly led to Xiaoxue’s death. . In the end, the truth came to light. It turned out that all the plans were made by Xiaoxue’s father to restore the truth to his daughter.

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After the game, the fetters of family affection and the double-edged sword of “public opinion” nowadays, Wang Yuan used his two roles to express a lot of thoughts. Xiaoyu always couldn’t stand the gap between the rich and the poor and went astray. Wang Yuan said that life always There are highs and lows, it is impossible to stand at the top forever, and it is impossible to stay at the low point forever. As for the role of Gangzi, he hopes that everyone will not judge others with their own eyes, because everyone has the right to pursue freedom and beauty.

For two months, Wang Yuan presented many wonderful reasoning scenes in the journey of “Strange Script Shark”. In the replay session, he also said: “It was a very happy experience, and it really brought us between our members. The distance has been shortened.”

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Life is unlimited, this trip is over, new excitement continues!


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