Want to beautify your lighting? This Hue pack on sale for the French Days is ideal

2023-09-30 13:14:00

[Deal du jour] This pack of Hue connected bulbs from Philips includes three Hue E27 bulbs and the connection bridge. He is perfect for getting started in home automation, especially when it is more affordable during French Days.

What is the promotion on this Philips Hue kit?

The Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance starter kit, with three E27 bulbs and the connection bridge, is usually sold for €179.99. For French Days, it is priced at €99.99 on Rue du Commerce.

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What is this Hue kit?

If you want to get started with home automation, the lighting in your house or apartment is a good entry point. The Hue range is easy to learn and once started, it is easy to add to it as you wish. This starter kit already contains the essentials for complete connected lighting, with three E27 bulbs of white or colored light, and a connection bridge, essential to make everything work.

Via the Philips Hue application, available on iOS and Android, you can control your bulbs. You can change the light intensity or color of the lighting to create the atmosphere of your choice. White & Color E27 bulbs have 16 million colored shades, to best refine your lighting. Philips also offers a quick and easy to configure kit, with ready-to-use bulbs. Screw them into your light fixtures, plug the bridge into an AC outlet, connect it to your Wi-Fi router, and connect the bulbs to the connection bridge.

Philips Hue // Source : Philips

Is this Hue kit a good deal for French Days?

Philips Hue kits are good products, unfortunately a little expensive. Regularly on promotion, these are always good deals at less than €100. In addition to personalizing your lighting, many features come with bulbs from the Hue range. It is possible to program the switching on or off of your connected lights, or simulate a presence in your home.

The Hue range is compatible with voice assistants Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa. They allow you to control your lighting by voice. Simply say “Activate the color red in the living room” or “lower the intensity of the light” and your bulbs will work. The app lets you control up to 50 smart lights.

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