Want to escape from the family of origin… He regretted the forced marriage after knowing his wife “less than 5 months”: I hope you see this | LIFE | CTWANT

The husband regrets the marriage. (Schematic diagram / taken from pexels)

Before entering marriage, you should think carefully. A husband complained that in order to escape from his family of origin, he wanted to quickly enter the next stage of his life, so he married his wife who had known each other for less than 5 months on a dating app, and now he quarrels almost every day, which makes him very regretful, ” I hope my wife can read this article.”

The husband said in “Marriage in the North 2.0” that he and his wife met on a dating app, and it was less than 5 months since they got married. At that time, he was lonely for a long time because of work and wanted to find someone to accompany him. Give your heart to the other person, no matter who it is, you must hold it tightly, hoping to enter the next stage of life quickly, “I work hard, study hard, and try to live hard, but the burden of my family is like a black hole grabbing me, Emotional blackmail, kidnapping me, I want to find someone to escape with me.”

However, after the marriage, the couple quarreled constantly, and he began to regret it. The husband sighed, “I’m too impatient, I don’t care whether our values ​​are appropriate or not, I’m like being a soldier for too long, a sow racing Diaochan, I regret getting married too early, I take care of all the expenses and finances of the family by myself, I’m so tired, I really want to rest, and I think freedom is more valuable to me.”

The husband said bluntly that the divorce rate in Taiwan is very high, and he felt that he would be the next one to get divorced. In fact, he knew it as soon as he got married, but he never dared to face it, “When should I confess to my wife that I want to leave her? ? My love has been exhausted in work, investment, and communication, and I have no time to endure it any longer!” He said, hoping that his wife could read this article, “I’m waiting for the one I have the courage to say to leave. one day.”

As soon as the post came out, netizens left messages, “If you want to continue, just confess, and then communicate, communication is useless, just let her go while there are no children.” If you regret it, you can blame the other party for abandoning you.” “You are very contradictory. Since you can’t be sure of each other, let the other party live.”

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