War in Ukraine – According to an independent poll, Putin’s popularity rating has jumped


Only 15% of Russians disapprove of the action of their president, revealed Thursday a survey by the Levada Institute, the first since the invasion of Ukraine.

On March 18, the Russian president presided over a concert celebrating the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.


Some 83% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s action, gaining twelve points compared to February, according to the survey published Thursday by the independent Russian institute Levada, which is the first poll since the start of the offensive. in Ukraine.

Only 15% of Russians say they do not approve of the president’s action (-12% in one month) and 2% have no opinion. Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustine gains 11 points (71%, against 60% in February) and the government 15 points (70% against 55% in February). Previous polls had been made public in recent weeks and already reported an approval rating for Vladimir Putin at 80% or more, but they were carried out by pro-government institutes.

Vladimir Putin justified the Russian military offensive against his Ukrainian neighbor by accusing him of having orchestrated a genocide of Russian speakers, and of serving as a springboard for NATO, an existential threat to Russia. This message is relayed on a daily basis by the state media, while critical voices have been forced into silence or exile, on pain of heavy criminal penalties in the event of remarks denigrating the action of the Russian army.


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