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New York: Former President Donald Trump has ridiculed US President Joe Biden over Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He said such an attack would not have happened if he had been president. Trump has ridiculed Putin for beating Biden like a bastard. Trump said it was not a pleasant sight to watch.

Trump praised Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky for being brave. Trump also accused Russia of committing atrocities against humanity. Trump was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida.

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Trump has indicated that he has a friendship with Putin and therefore will not allow such an attack to take place. Russia, meanwhile, has stepped up its offensive. Ukraine’s special communications and information protection agency says Russian troops have destroyed a natural gas pipeline in Kharkiv.

More and more countries have come out with sanctions against Russia. France seizes Russian cargo ship. The move follows a breach of sanctions imposed by the European Union. The cargo ship Balt Leader was captured by France on the English Channel. Russia has sought an explanation from France for the incident.

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Meanwhile, it is reported that countries including the United States are preparing to provide military assistance to Ukraine, which is under Russian aggression. Sky News reports that 27 countries, including the United States and Britain, are ready to supply arms to Ukraine.

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