Warming: a report recommends planting one tree per inhabitant for 30 years to adapt the forest

“Beyond natural regenerations, we will need to plant 70 million trees per year for 30 years, or one tree per inhabitant”, estimates a report intended to propose solutions to the government to protect the French forest from the horrors of global warming .

Among the flagship recommendations, the creation of a “fund for the future of the forest, topped up by the public and the private sector, endowed with 300 million euros per year over 30 years”, according to this report submitted Thursday morning by the deputy of the North Anne-Laure Cattelot (LREM) to the Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie.

This fund would have the mission of “massively reconstituting the damaged forests, anticipating, enriching and adapting in the light of our knowledge the populations vulnerable to climate change and creating new forests”, indicates this report.

The reconstitution of stands (sets of plant species that live in the same biogeographical environment, Editor’s note) affected by drought and the diseases caused by the latter, such as chalarosis, a fungus that affects ash trees in Pas-de-Calais, represents 360,000 hectares alone, according to this report.

There should also be 650,000 hectares of plantations “in the most vulnerable stands”, but not yet condemned, according to this report.

Finally, to afforest wasteland or land affected by agricultural abandonment, the report recommends planting 750,000 hectares over 30 years.

In total, the overall need is “8.8 billion euros over 30 years, or on average 300 million euros per year”, concludes this report.

“These are conservative assumptions,” said Ms. Cattelot in an interview with AFP, who wrote this report with an expert from the Ministry of Agriculture and an expert from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

“If we end up with an increase in the need for wood resources in construction and, on the other hand, a decline that accelerates the loss of the wood resource and this super carbon sink, we find ourselves in the water. , that’s why we have to invest in the forest, ”she said.

She praised the envelope of 150 million euros for reforestation, announced recently by the Minister of Agriculture as part of the plan to revive the French economy: “it is already a very good amount, it will we have to launch a device and the foresters seize it “, she said.

France has nearly 17 million hectares of forests, or about a third of the metropolis.

17/09/2020 11:16:42 – Paris (AFP) – © 2020 AFP

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