Warning “Depression” hit the North-Isan, heavy rain 13-14 June.

The Meteorological Department issued a “depression” in the upper South China Sea. Expected to land in the upper Vietnam on June 13-14, affecting the upper northern and northeastern regions, heavy rains. Flash floods and flash floods may occur.

Today (11 June 2021) at 5:00 p.m. Meteorological Department subject “Depression in the Upper South China Sea” No. 1 By stating that at 13.00, the low pressure cell was in the upper South China Sea. Has intensified into a depression, at 4 p.m. centered at latitude 18.0 degrees north, longitude 113.0 degrees east, moving west to northward, with maximum sustained winds near the center of about 55 kilometers per hour. and is likely to intensify into a tropical storm

meteorological department The storm is expected to move into the Gulf of Tonkin. And moving ashore in upper Vietnam during June 13-14, resulting in the monsoon trough still lies across the upper northern region and upper Laos. causing heavy rainfall in the northern and northeastern regions People in the area should beware of the impact of heavy rain and accumulated rain. May cause flash floods and flash floods.


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