Warning sounds the alarm about cortisone therapy

Many people resort to cortisone therapy, which helps treat many health problems, but there are many risks to this type of treatment.

The German Society of Rheumatology notes that prolonged treatment with corticosteroids increases the risk of osteoporosis.

The German Society advised that cortisone treatment should be accompanied from the beginning with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D.

German doctors also advised the need to regularly measure bone density, and treating doctors can prescribe drugs that prevent bone loss or that help build bones, and cortisone preparations are usually used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, and the body can tolerate these preparations well when they are used for a period Short, even with high doses.

But when cortisone preparations are used for a long time, that is, for a period of three months or more, then the side effects cannot be excluded, which include low bone density, which in turn leads to osteoporosis, and the German Society estimates that 30 to 40% of patients, Those who have been treated with corticosteroids for about four and a half years, have current or old fractures.

The problem is that many patients do not feel that small bone fractures have occurred due to drug treatment, and therefore they are often ignored and not treated, which leads to osteoporosis and recurrence of fractures.

The German Society of Rheumatology indicated that bone density decreases by up to 12% during the first 3 to 6 months of treatment with cortisone preparations, and this percentage confirms the need to prevent osteoporosis.

It is noted that the prohibition of fractures declines after the end of cortisone treatment, and therefore cortisone preparations should be taken as little as possible while taking preventive measures against possible osteoporosis.

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